A seafood restaurant took aim at Chicago Bulls player Zach LaVine on social media Sunday after the eatery was asked when it was going to open up shop in the Windy City.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, based in Baltimore, sarcastically responded it would open up a Chicago location if Michael Jordan would come out of retirement to play for the Bulls.

One user chimed in to add that they believed LaVine was good enough to warrant the restaurant. However, the eatery took the opportunity to take a jab at the 23-year-old.

“How about you give us the 78 mil (sic) you wasted on LaVine, and we give you free crab cakes for life?” Jimmy’s Famous Seafood tweeted, referencing the contract LaVine signed in the offseason.

LaVine chimed in and said he was “allergic to shellfish anyway.”

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood clapped back one more time.

And that’s how you do it folks! A roundhouse kick to the face via Twitter. Nice work.