The rumor mill has been kicked into overdrive since the Pelicans landed the top spot in the NBA Lottery. 

Reports quickly came to the surface that Zion was disappointed about the Pelicans big win as he wanted to play for the Knicks. 

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst revealed that Williamson could even choose to go back to Duke so that he could play for a different team the following year. 

“He does have some options. I’m not saying he’s going to pick these options, but he has not signed with an agent and he has not signed a shoe deal yet,” Windhorst said. “He could threaten to go back to Duke. It’s a conversation that’s happening in the NBA right now.”

Williamson’s Stepfather Lee Anderson denied these rumors when he appeared on the Off the Bench radio show on 104.5 ESPN Radio in Baton Rouge.


As Anderson described:

Zion is “excited about the prospect of getting down there and getting settled.” He added that a return to the Blue Devils is “is not something that we have even considered.”

Of course Zion never considered returning to college. 

I mean why would he. 

This is just Brian Windhorst’s poor attempt at a Hot Take. 

You’re going to have to do a lot better than that Brian. 

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