10 Examples of Unbreakable Records in the NFL

When it comes to the NFL, many records are ready to be broken. With more understanding of conditioning our bodies to become super athletes, new records are made every season. The fastest NFL players are born and created each year, but some unbreakable records in the NFL are standing the test of time. Here are 10 of the greatest.

The Most Consecutive Wins 

During the 80s, the 49ers did many great things regarding the game of football, but at their peak, they went on the league’s all-time winning streak. From 1988, the 49ers won a staggering 18 matches on the road in a regular season. This streak was only finished during the season opener in 1991. It is remarkable that they even won 10 of these games even though their body clocks were set to 10 a.m. PST at kickoff. 

The Most Career-Coaching Victories 

Don Shula was the coach of Miami and Baltimore during his career, winning a record-breaking 347 games. In the regular season, Shula was 328-156-6, and in the playoffs, his record was 19-17. He coached a grand total of 526 games in the 33 years, another record Shula holds.

Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Loses

Reaching the Super Bowl is becoming increasingly complex, with only the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs reaching the finals in two consecutive years during the 2010s.

What is more impressive is what happened to the Buffalo Bills during the 90s. They reached the Super Bowl in four straight years but lost every time. Even though it is possible that another team could possibly reach the finals four or five times because they are that good, to lose every one of these games is something we are unikely to see again.

The Longest Non-Scoring Play 

Vikings’ blocker, Percy Harvin, has one of the most unwanted records under his belt. Running down the right side, Harvin was 3 yards short of making one of the greatest runs possible, but he was denied by Christopher Owens, who caught up to Percy to make a successful diving tackle. Falling at the 3-yard line, you would have thought the Vikings would have gone on to score a touchdown, but sadly they were not successful. This record was matched in 2015 by Detroit Lions running back Ameer Abdullah.

Record-Breaking Career 

Rice is simply the best and continued to stay at his peak through 20 seasons. After 303 games, Rice had a staggering career total of 22,895 yards, 1,549 receptions, and 197 touchdowns.

Consecutive 6 Touchdown Game 

During the entire history of the sport, only 9 quarterbacks have scored multiple six touchdowns, and only three of those have managed to do it more than once in a season. In 2014, Ben Roethlisberger was the first player to complete this feat in 2 consecutive games, a substantial display of athleticism and one unlikely to be seen again.

Brett Favre’s Lost Balls 

Although his stats are some of the best, making him a Hall of Famer, Brett Favre’s style of football meant he also holds some of the most unwanted accolades. With 500 touchdown passes, a Super Bowl victory, and 3 NFL MVPs, Favre is truly one of the best, but he has given the ball up more times than any other player.

The Iron-Man Streak

There is a legend in NFL lore about the iron-man streak. On September 27, 1992, Brett Favre made his first start for the Green Bay Packers after taking over for an injured Don Majkowski. From his first game in 1992, until his retirement on December 5, 2010, Favre started in 297 straight games for the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings. A total of 321 consecutive games were started by Favre, including the playoffs.

The Most Points in a Game 

This record is one of the oldest in the game’s history, dating back to 1929. The Cardinals’ Ernie Nevers scored a record-breaking 40 points in a single game which could be why he has been entered into the hall of fame. As well as making four extra points, Nevers scored six touchdowns on the ground.

Two Safeties in One Game

Safeties are a rare way to score in an NFL match, and to see them twice is even more scarce, but for one player to score points with a safety on two occasions in a game happened just once in the game’s history. An underrated player but still a very accomplished defender, Dryer only scored two safeties in his entire 13-year career, both in the same match.