This one can be filed under what the f***.  16-year-old Mishawaka High School football player Aaron Trejo is accused of killing his 17-year-old pregnant girlfriend.  

Breana Rouhselang, a team manager for the football team, was six months pregnant.  Her body was found Sunday morning in a dumpster near her home, she had been strangled and stabbed.

Via South Bend Tribune:

Trejo, 16, was charged Monday with one count of murder and one count of feticide, a Level 3 Felony. Trejo allegedly stabbed and killed Rouhselang after the two got in a fight over her pregnancy. He has been in custody since Sunday morning.

According to a probable cause affidavit, police say Trejo initially denied he met with Rouhselang the night of her disappearance, but when confronted with the physical evidence, eventually told them Rouhselang waited too long to tell him about the baby and it was too late for an abortion.

When asked what he did about it, Trejo reportedly told police, “I took action… I took her life,” according to court documents.

This seems obvious, but is should still be said, there are better ways to handle this type of situation.  How a 16-year-old could do this is something that will never make sense.