On Monday night in Los Angeles, good friends and former teammates Dwyane Wade and LeBron James faced each other for what is most likely the last time.  

The Heat guard will retire at the end of the season and their final battle came down to a one on one matchup in the final seconds.

With the Lakers up by three points Wade had the ball and LeBron guarding him.  LeBron forced a tough shot up by Wade and the shot missed, ending the game.

After a quick embrace the two friends exchanged a few words before exchanging jerseys.  

It was during the exchange of words that LeBron appeared to reveal his decision this past off-season came down to the Lakers and the Knicks. 

Knicks fans have to be sick after this revelation by the best player in the NBA.  Imagine LeBron and Kristaps Porzingis teaming up in New York.  

On second thought Knicks fans should probably not think about it at all.  The realization that LeBron was considering New York and chose Los Angeles might be too much for Knicks fans to take.