What ended up being a 21-7 victory for the Seahawks over the Vikings on Monday night, might have been a lot closer had a penalty flag been thrown on a game changing blocked field goal.

With the score 6-0 in favor of Seattle and just under six minutes left in the game, linebacker Bobby Wagner jumped over the line and blocked a 47-yard field goal attempt by Minnesota’s Dan Bailey. 

A closer look at the block shows Wagner using his teammates for leverage to jump over the line an block the kick.  The worst part of the entire thing might be the fact that a flag was thrown, but picked up and the penalty was never called on Wagner.

Instead of a 6-3 game, the Seahawks turned the blocked kick into a touchdown and added a two-point conversion to seal the game at 14-0.  

The Seahawks would score another touchdown on defense and allow a garbage time touchdown to wrap up a wild scoring frenzy at the end of the game. 

This game had huge playoff implications and a call like this can’t be missed.