On January 23, 2021, the Pegasus World Cup will celebrate its 5th season at Gulfstream Park, Handandale, Florida. It is one of the most awaited horse racing competitions this year as the world’s most talented racehorse will have to put an exclamation point on their three-year-old career as a thoroughbred racer. 

Compared to other prominent horse racing competitions that exist, the Pegasus World Cup Invitational is paving the way for some racehorses who made huge finishes last year. It makes the competition more exciting because the participants are going head-to-head, proving their worth inside the dirt track. 

As the competition starts in a few weeks, the official list of invitees is now up for the betting games. Make sure you get your dedicated bookie and sign up to start betting. While there are tougher and more challenging 2021 Pegasus World Cup wagering games to anticipate, here are some betting trends to take up. 

Acknowledge the Big Placers

As stated, the Pegasus World Cup will highlight the most talented racehorse in this generation. It means that all invitees are properly filtered depending on the number of titles and placements they earned last year. Some entrants are carrying more than two titles while others have won in majority stakes races.

That said, betting on the Pegasus World Cup can be easier if you acknowledge the horses that are already big placers. These entries can surely give a neck-to-neck competition, which makes your betting more profitable. Also, If a horse has won three or more titles in the Grade 1 category, then he’s more likely to play Mostbet a deserving bet to make.

Look at the Returnees 

A good thing about the Pegasus World Cup is how it gives another opportunity to previous participants who are still qualified to run. With this, the horses that ran last year and were invited once again are most likely eager to win the game. These entrants have the experience and know-how to saddle inside Gulfstream Park. 

Mucho Gusto, the current Pegasus World Cup winner, is invited again to defend his title. That said, he is a sure bet you can pick in many betting categories that Pegasus offers. Moreover, other returnees will have their second chance in the race, like the horses True Timber and Tax. 

Think About The Favorites 

The favorites should remain favored in a horse race betting game like the Pegasus World Cup. Remember that the skill of the racehorse can be determined by how well they did in the past. This means that the more placements and wins they make, the bigger chances they will win the racing show. 

Some of this year’s biggest favorites in the Pegasus World Cup include Mucho Gusto, Charlatan, Sharp Samurai, and Mr Freeze. These colts did well in the previous competitions they took part in. Besides that, their horse racing records are colorful, making them a deserving bet you can make in the Pegasus World Cup. 

Don’t Ignore the “Dark Horses”

If there is a huge hype for the favorites to win this year’s Pegasus, there’s a possibility that the dark horses might surprise the crowd. These are the underdogs that are part of the official invitees and can cause the biggest upset to the favorites. Make sure to keep an eye on them and see how their racing forms look like. 

When you find out that these dogs have greater chances of winning than the favorites, consider wagering on them. Remember that every second counts in horse racing and the winner is not declared until someone steps on the finish line. 

Gamble Using Straight Bets 

Horse race betting games come in two main gambling categories: straight and exotic bets. You can always Get some betting tips on Fliptroniks. The Exotic bets are a more difficult category that needs thorough research and understanding of the odds. You have to carefully pick the winner in each category in the exact and correct order.  

Since the Pegasus World Cup features the best racehorses today, picking the right entry is challenging and confusing. Hence, when you aim for a sure win, straight bets are the category you can best play. Regardless of the placement and as long as you pick the winning entries, then you hit the bullseye. 


Like the big prize at stake that the Pegasus World Cup is giving away, the betting games can help you boost your bankroll when you choose the correct entries to wager. Although the bookies make the most impressive lines to entice every punter, you can beat them in no time with proper strategies. 

Hence, if you are looking forward to gambling in the upcoming 2021 Pegasus World Cup, make sure to know who the big placers are, the returnees, the dogs, and the favorites, and play the Straight bets to ensure a more profitable betting game.