The online betting industry has significantly evolved over the last decade. With the introduction of in-play betting, bettors can now put their wagers during a live game, and it has heightened the interests of bettors around the world.  

But how does it work? What makes it different from standard betting? Let’s take an example. If you watch live soccer on bet365, you get to choose from any major soccer tournaments worldwide like La Liga, United Soccer League (USL), English Premier League, and many others. Isn’t it amazing? If you are already intrigued by in-play betting, here are three benefits of in-play betting that you should know.

1. No need to decide on pre-game bets

The standard pre-game betting involves placing your wager before the game starts. The bettors have to make the hasty decision of placing the correct bet. It is especially hard because the bettors often have no idea about what player or team they will choose.

In-play betting changes this whole scenario. It allows you to place bets during the course of the live match. You get plenty of time to evaluate the game and make a calculated decision to place your bet. Just make sure you place the bets in time before the markets are closed.

Although live bets are great, no one can guarantee that you would definitely win, and that’s what makes betting interesting. The game’s outcome can change at the last moment. 

2. No more bad beats

Bad beats are unfortunate, and you don’t want to be a part of them. If you aren’t aware of a bad beat, you better understand it before putting your bets. A bad beat happens when you place your bets on a player or team that is more likely to win based on their past victories and performance. Unfortunately, the other team or player outperforms them and wins the game. In this case, you lose your money as you think the promising team or player will win.

A more understandable example of a bad beat is Moonlight winning the 2017 Oscars for the Best Picture after the presenter mistakenly announced that La LA Land had won the award. It changed the outcome of the event within a few seconds.

Bad beats are more common in standard betting. You have to put your bets before the game starts; you cannot change your bets even if you see the game starts going in favor of the competing team. Often, an underdog player gives their best and changes the game’s outcome at the last moment- a winning shot of Basketball in the last few seconds of the game. There are no ways to change your bets during the game as you have already finalized your bets, and it isn’t the case with in-play gaming.

In-play gaming allows you to change your bets if you see the course of the game taking a different turn. You can hold your bets until your decided team of players starts performing at an acceptable rate. It gives you the much-needed confidence to place your bets as you see your team or player performing the way you expect them to. Next time you watch live soccer on bet365, know that you can play your bets right when you are in the middle of watching the game. It improves your chances of winning to a great extent.

3. More chances of Hedge betting

It would be frustrating to see your bet not going in the direction you want. If you place a pre-game bet expecting that a particular player or team will win, the odds can change over time. It can change with hedging. Hedge betting involves placing your bet for the opposite outcome of your original bet. Hedging is used by many ardent bettors who want to minimize their betting risk and maximize the chances of winning.

To better understand hedging, here’s an example. Assume that Team X and Team Y are competing against each other. You have a strong feeling that Team X is going to win. So you put a pre-game bet on Team X. When the game starts, Team X is performing the way you expected, and Team Y shows better returns on an in-play bet; you can put an in-play bet on Team Y. That way, you can earn profits no matter which team wins. You increase your chances by placing your bets on different outcomes and reducing your risks.

In-play betting has emerged as an excellent opportunity for bettors from every corner of the world. Live betting platforms provide the needed services to place in-play bets, maximizing better profits. It would be safer to say that now you are more confident in sports betting than before.