Sports teams build a loyal fan base that cheers them on through the good seasons and the bad ones, too. We have our favorite sports, players, teams, and our favorite rivalries. Gameday is a big event! People host parties to watch games. Sports provide entertainment as we bond with fellow fans and rivals alike over great plays, monumental wins and heartbreaking losses. Many individuals need to stay current on their team’s latest news and updates. Sometimes that can seem challenging with hectic lifestyles and busy work schedules. Here are some great ways to easily follow your favorite sports team.

1. Alerts

There are many apps for your phone, including the ESPN app, that will allow you to select your favorite team or teams. You can then receive alerts on your phone for big news, scores, game updates and more. Depending on the app, you can choose how many or how few of the alerts you would like to see pop up as notifications on your phone. 


This can be the easiest way to see news immediately if you have your phone on you because even if you are on relaxing cruises from miami, you can still be alerted to big news from your team as soon as the story breaks. The game updates can be a subtle way to keep up with a game when you are busy at work or with another engagement where you cannot watch the game on television.


Many fans who participate in fantasy leagues also enjoy the alerts. Player updates can help fans know who is injured, who is expected to come back for the next game and so much more. Receiving these alerts directly to your phone’s lock screen can keep you in the know to make educated decisions regarding your league picks.

2. Social Media

Social media platforms are used to stay connected with family and friends. However, they are a fantastic way to stay in the know about your teams and players. Most teams have a team account across these various social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Many players have their own individual accounts. Even if you do not have a Twitter for your use, it can be a great way to follow sports news reporters, players, teams and league updates for every sport. Some of the accounts prove to be very entertaining as the athletes offer a view into their private lives or show their humorous side with jokes, quick wit or entertaining posts.

3. Podcasts

Podcasts may be a perfect avenue to increase your sports awareness and stay current if you have a long commute. While these sports podcasts generally cover a broad topic or sport as a whole instead of focusing on a single team, they can provide a ton of knowledge, important news, game recaps or highlights and so much more. Current or former players, coaches, and analysts have also been featured as guests on these shows. Podcasts are an excellent way for sports enthusiasts to follow teams, players and league news. Some shows have a large following due to the entertaining presentation of the information, thanks to the broadcaster. If you are unsure if a podcast is something you would enjoy, stream one the next time you are in the gym, on a long car ride or looking for something to pass the time by. You might just be surprised.


Many words come to mind when you think of sports. Passion and loyalty are two of the most accurate descriptions of many fans. A love of the game draws us in. A loyal fan base wants to stay connected and follow their favorite team through the good and the bad. Missing a game can upset some fans, but luckily some apps will update your phone immediately for big plays and scores. Try apps, social media, and podcasts if you want to have more ways to follow your favorite team aside from watching the games on television.