Getmega Referral program: Refer and win upto Rs 10,510

GetMega Referral: What is better than earning some real cash while playing your favorite game online with friends. And GetMega here offers you the exact opportunity you are looking for.

GetMega is one of India’s very popular online gaming platforms where you can play a variety of games and win money rewards at the same time. You can choose 

from the 3 categories of games available here, namely, card games, casual games and trivia. And you can now win up to Rs 10,510 just by referring the app to your friends! How?

Here is your easy guide to GetMega’s referral feature:

Getmega Refer and earn Details
When user A refers to user B Rs 1
If user B sign up and is in the contact book of user A Rs 50
If user B sign up and is not in the contact book of user A Rs 25
If user B Deposit some amount in the wallet Rs 1000 bonus to both user A and user B


  • The Maximum amount which users can receive per day is Rs 200


You can get GetMega bonus rewards in two ways:

  1. When you will play with your friends you will have two options:

Option 1: Bonus to bonus

Option 2: (Bonus + Cash) to (Bonus + Cash)

  1. When you will play with Strangers you will have only one option:

(Bonus + Cash) to (Bonus + Cash)


Now the question is, how would you see and get the bonus?

To answer it, there will be a leaderboard for the bonus to bonus tournaments 

  1. Leaderboard can be both goal based and risk based.
  2. The rewards will be transferred into your wallet.
  3. The scoring of the game will be only bonus to bonus

Referral Program

To use the referral program efficiently, use the following steps:

Step 1: First, you have to go to the Hamburger menu where you can see your deposit amount in your wallet.

Step 2: Then you have to click on your wallet to go to the Referral scene. There you will get the option to invite and earn.

Step 3: Now you will automatically get the message to invite your friends.

Message: Hey, I have deposited Rs 50 in your GetMega wallet, signup to encash it now! Play Poker, Rummy, Carrom, Pool, & more 🙂

Step 4 : The discoverability tab where you can discover new friends and Refer them

Step 5 : You can check all the rewards here that you have received. All the bonus initiation rewards, which you have received but not visible. You can also see the name of the referral user.

Step 6: In the wallet tab, you can see all the bonuses that are initiated but not received. 

Step 7: From the rewards tab, you can direct Refer and earn

Step 8: This is your referral screen when you and your referral got the bonus.

Step 9: This will be the screen when your referral becomes your friend.

Step 10: When you make new friends, there will be a chat which is automatically initiated.

Step 11: That is how you will receive the notification whenever there is a new game and say that your friend is online. Another image shows when you send the request to your friend and he accepts it.

Step 12: You can play with your friends and in the images below you can see to select the option for gameplay. Bonus will not be available. 

Step 13: When you play the competition, 50% Bonus will be available

Step 14 There you land on the referral page. You have to take a call to receive the sign-up bonus.

Step 15: You can play with both. The bonus balance will be available but you will not have the option to choose it.. 

Step 16: When you play with your friends, you will have the option for bonus money selection but in the invited game you will not have the option to select it.

Step 17: When you play with your friends for the second time then you will have the option to select the bonus money selection.

Step 18: This is where all the rewards history has. Through winnings, deposit everything is mentioned in this option.

Step 19: You can have bonus cash usage for the referral for competitive games 

Easy and interesting, isn’t it? Now is your chance to make money without any sweats and tears. GetMega developers have tried to make the program as beneficial and smooth as possible only to help you make money by simply referring to the game. So, what are you waiting for!? Join the game and use the feature now!