Starting a Youtube channel can be associated with various challenges. You are entering the world’s second largest search engine with the ambition to launch a successful career and provide the quality content. The astounding degree of competition that resides on this platform, however, may intimidate you at prima facie. Aside from that, coming up with fitting ideas regarding the type of content you want to create can be just as difficult. There is nothing that has not been already said and done on Youtube nowadays. You can hardly think of something which is not either overdone or already a popular niche in this vast platform. Although, if you approach this issue correctly, you can manage to consistently put out quality content rather unproblematically. 

Before kicking off the list and giving you a fresh perspective into your brand new career, you should keep in mind that originality is not always what you should strive toward these channels. If you lock yourself up in the mindset of constant and unfailed uniqueness, you are not likely to last long. It is indeed a lot of pressure, and quite an unrealistic standard to set for yourself. Rather than obsessing with the production videos based on the sensationally new ideas, you’d better focus on obtaining the right approach to present yourself, and know the ways to perfect and better already existing trends. With all of these in mind, let’s see what some of the best newbie video ideas can be that will guarantee your channel’s successful growth. 

1. Factual & Fun 

Does not matter where you happen to be a newbie, having the ability to properly introduce yourself is of key importance. Youtube is not an exception to this rule either. ‘’50 Facts About Me’’ (or as many as you wish) could be one of the best introductory videos you could record. Or if you think that your audience has not yet developed a lot of interest in you and listing so many facts will be seemingly out of place, you could go for a simpler introduction. Either way, you should somehow make a name for yourself by letting people know what your channel is about, what your goals and ambitions are, what you are planning to offer them, what your upload schedule will be etc. All of these details are decisively important and will give your future audience an opportunity to figure out whether your channel is worth their time or not. 

2. Favourites Tag 

Done numerous times and loved by most people, ‘’Favourites’’ videos continue to be extremely popular. It could be about your favourite movies, singers, painters, books, countries, creators, dishes, clothing pieces, designers or quite literally, anything you wish to include, the list goes on indefinitely. Generally speaking, when people start watching a new channel, they are always filled with various questions. They want to find out more about you. While some of the comments you may have found under other creators’ videos may have seemed a bit too invasive and personal, most of the time it is simply harmless curiosity. Going over your favourite qualities in a friend or a significant other, your most beloved memories, or even monthly favourites, you can play around with this idea and put your unique twist on it. 

3. Reaction videos 

This next idea in our list is a bit tricky. Reaction channels tend to receive a lot of criticism for the lack of creativity and laziness. You have to be properly educated on the subject matter or have a charming, funny, likeable personality to keep producing such videos without backlash. In addition, you should be careful when hopping on the existing bandwagons. What do we mean by that? 

In recent years, Youtube has seen a shocking rise in the KPOP reaction videos. It seemed that most people had started viewing new releases as well as older KPOP songs and at some point, the videos of this sort were all over the platform. KPOP has been extremely popular for a considerable amount of time, but in recent years especially, certain groups consistently managed to get 100+ million views overnight. People saw that fans were eager to see others react to their favourites, so they figured that making this type of videos would be an easy way to gain success and make some good Youtube money. After some time, however, most fandoms started to get irritated with the seeming ‘’fakeness’’ that these channels exhibited. There is nothing inherently wrong with having a reaction channel, but try not to start it with the sole purpose of growing your rankings. There are other much less unproblematic ways of doing that, like youtubestorm for example. 

The entire point of offering you this idea is that as a newbie you won’t have to think too much about producing original content. Although, always make sure to have genuine reactions, and never pretend to be fond of something just because it will please your audience. People can detect forced positivity and it is not going to take you anywhere. 

4. Record your pets

Alright, do we really need to say much here? You probably already know that a substantial amount of viral content on Youtube includes short funny/cute clips of the animals. Almost everyone enjoys such videos. There is no drama involved, no scandals, nothing to criticize, and no unnecessary details to pinpoint in the comments section. It’s simply a lovely pet of yours running around, staring at something or playing in their own world for heaven’s sake. Who would not love this content? Your channel will gain an almost immediate success, and your chances of going viral will increase twofold, if not more. The best part about animal videos is that they never have to be long. And there is not really much you are required to do, besides holding the recording device and not letting the perfect moments slip. Just make sure to depict what the animal is doing naturally, without your supervision or instructions to strike a certain pose or perform a particular action. Viral content is always spontaneous, and that is the main reason why people are attracted to it in the first place.