Are you an individual or a business owner looking to bring in goods from China? Are you scared that things might go wrong and your goods will end up missing? Has it happened to you before? Well, it won’t happen again as speedpak tracking is here to save the day and to restore your trust in tracking services.

In shipping goods, tracking them is of high importance. Tracking puts your mind at ease, reduces fear and anxiety, and allows you to monitor your goods from point of order to point of delivery. This is what SpeedPak aims to provide you, with their amiable and amazing tracking services.

What is SpeedPak?

Basically, you can say SpeedPak is an affiliation of eBay. EBay in collaboration with Orange Connex (China) limited created SpeedPak to break the difficulty barrier involved in shipping goods from China to Europe and the United States.

SpeedPak provides their customers with two types of services namely; standard and economy SpeedPak tracking package.

The standard SpeedPak tracking package covers end-to-end logistics. That means that if you pay for the standard service, you can track and monitor your goods from the point of order or purchase to delivery.

Every stop your goods will make will be duly recorded by SpeedPak tracking without missing anyone. With that, your goods can hardly go missing, and even if it does, finding it will not be difficult. It is entirely different for the economy package.

The economy SpeedPak tracking package does not cover end-to-end logistics. All you get with this package is an alert that your goods has reached its destination. Even with this package, you have nothing to be scared of as SpeedPak will always make sure that your package gets to you.

Another thing worth taking note of about SpeedPak tracking services is their tracking number. They are very easy to identity. SpeedPak tracking number usually starts with “EE” or “ES” and ends with an additional 26 letters or numbers.

Timeframe for delivery expectance

The questions bothering on your mind now should be “How long will the delivery take?” Facts is SpeedPak offers one of the best turnaround time for tracking and shipping services in China. The convention SpeedPak timeframe for delivery is 8-12 working days from the time of package delivery from the seller.

Through delivery statistics, news is that the timeframe for delivery depends mostly on location. For those in the US, they can expect their goods within 13 days. For Germany and the United Kingdom, its 15 and 10 working days respectively.

If you want to be sure of the accurate timeframe for delivery as it concerns your country, input your SpeedPak tracking ID in their website. After inputting your tracking ID, you will get an ETA that uses latest delivery statistics.

SpeedPak tracking for the United States

For delivery going from China to the United States using SpeedPak, the goods are delivered by USPS in the United States. One thing worthy of noting is that SpeedPak tracking does not use USPS tracking number. Rather, it uses its own tracking as I stated in the previous section. All tracking information is provided by SpeedPak. Only deliveries are catered for by USPS.

SpeedPak tracking for the United Kingdoms

It’s the same thing for the United Kingdom. SpeedPak doorstep deliveries are done by the Royal Mail in the UK.

When your parcel arrives in the UK, your package status on the website will be <<ETSF Facility Heathrow, United Kingdom, Dispatched>>. After your package has been cleared by for final delivery by Royal Mail, the status of your package will show «Royal Mail Received, Received, Received».

The reasons to ship your goods through SpeedPak is clearly stated in this article. if you want assurance for package safety and timely delivery, SpeedPak is there to serve you.