After the performance that we have recently seen, it’s clear that Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are practically an unstoppable force in the NFL. It’s hard to believe at this point that they could be beaten. 

Before you check out Fanduel’s Super Bowl odds, we first need to establish one thing – are there any teams out there that may be able to dethrone Tom Brady and the Buccaneers this season? We think the answer is yes. While the Buccaneers may be an unstoppable force, they also have some fierce competition. Here are 4 of the teams that may reign victorious over the Buccaneers this season.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

Ah, the chiefs. If there was ever a team that we could expect to triumph over the Buccaneers, it’s them. The chiefs are known for their stellar gameplay and a very carefully crafted team.

Just look at the talent on this team – the team could probably achieve victory with just Patrick Mahomes alone. They’re even more likely to be victorious if the defense is on its a game. 

Of course, while this team is good it’s also not without its flaws. This team is an offensive powerhouse, and while their defense isn’t terrible, it could certainly do with some work.

With week 18 of the NFL season soon upon us, many people will be carefully watching the Chiefs to see what happens next, with the game against the Denver Broncos looming around the corner. They’ve won against the Broncos 12 times before, so will there be another victory? Only time will tell.

Ultimately, if the chiefs work on some of their pivotal flaws throughout the season, they have a good shot of standing a chance against the Buccaneers. The offensive team are unstoppable – we just need to see a little bit more from the defense. 

2. Green Bay Packers 

The Packers are favored to do well for the upcoming season, and we’re very eager to see what lies ahead for the men in green. Aaron Rodgers is expected to return to the field, and that’s certainly something that we’re looking forward to seeing. We’ll also be watching David Bakhtiari join him, a legend at the tackle, and Jaire Alexander as the team’s trump card cornerback. 

The Packers certainly had a crazy year in 2021, but they are definitely on track to win their 14th NFL championship in the upcoming season. The team is considered to be one of the best in the league, and is a real powerhouse that you would not want to mess with.

Unlike the chiefs, the Packers have truly excellent defense, ranking third overall in the NFL when it comes to net yards and points. Their defense is where they truly shine, though with Aaron Rodgers back on the field, their offense isn’t looking too shabby either. They need to keep demonstrating their strengths if they want the chance to beat the Buccaneers, that’s for sure. 

3. Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have one dangerous asset in their roster – Josh Allen. He’s a quarterback that can truly tear apart any opposing team, and what we really need to see from him is that MVP star quality that we’ve seen in the past. The problem is that he can be rather volatile, and that isn’t necessarily the best thing for the Bills if Allen is having an off day.

Even if Allen doesn’t pull through for the team, the Bills have an excellent backup quarterback in Mitchell Trubisky. Through his career, he’s thrown 64 touchdowns and 37 interceptions – certainly not bad numbers. The team also has a lot of experience in the playoffs, making their way to the playoffs three times in total over the course of the previous four seasons.

With that being said, the team also has some weaknesses that it will need to overcome if it wants to truly stand out in the next season. The team’s tight end isn’t the best, and its defense is somewhat lacking by Super Bowl standards. If these issues are worked upon, we think they stand a decent chance against the Buccaneers.

4. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are truly killing it out on the field lately. They dominated against the Pittsburgh Steelers, managed to win the AFC North and have a whole bunch of other accolades under their belts. It’s looking quite promising for the upcoming season.

The team has an excellent roster of talent and the defensive line depth is certainly something worth praising.

There are of course some issues. For instance, the coach for the Bengals is yet to show why it’s even there and the interior defense line brings many fans some concern. The Linebackers are pretty subpar too, and certainly need improvements. 


So, can any of these 4 teams dominate against the Buccaneers in the upcoming season? Well, that remains to be seen. We’re certainly pretty excited to see what happens next in the thrilling games coming up soon. Will our predictions be right, or will another team come from the woodworks to dominate? Let’s find out!