Golfers around the world are honing their skills to improve their performance. They will also fit your golf bags with the right essential gear. Basic items like golf balls and tees sometimes take the spotlight. However, there are other golf accessories that can help broaden your playing experience. Here’s a list of must-have golfing items you may want to take advantage of.  

1. Golf Gloves 

Gloves not only protect your hand from injury while playing golf. The right pair can even help you improve your game. When looking for the best pair of golf gloves, be sure they are snug and comfortable for your hands. The gloves must produce tackiness and more friction as it will help your hand grip the golf club firmly. You must get the club’s proper feel, assist in the precision of the swing, and get on the green. Remember to procure extra pairs of gloves when you find the right ones. Please place them in your golf bag if you need them for another round. It’ll be a shame not to have a backup when you need them the most.  

2. Electric Golf Buggy 

An electric golf buggy is an alternative to gas-powered carts. These buggies are the solution to sustainable energy that makes riding one feel good as you contribute to preserving the environment. Nowadays, they are also getting more popular because of the rise in gas prices.  

Electric golf buggies are emission-free and have a variety of uses. Aside from getting around the golf course, you can use it to travel around private suburbs. They are even helpful for businesses such as going around warehouses. 

Two older friends are riding in a golf cart.

Here are more benefits of the electric golf buggy: 

  • They are quieter compared to gas-powered carts. 
  • They cost less to charge, and you’ll save more with the falling prices of batteries. It’s a lot cheaper than gasoline. 
  • They are eco-friendly and don’t produce pollution 
  • The maintenance is manageable because they have lesser parts. 

As you can see, with all the advantages, these electric golf buggies are worth the investment.

3. Golf Umbrellas 

Golfers need umbrellas to keep them dry and focused on the game when it rains. When you are on the course, it’s essential to have one even as you walk around in case you don’t have an electric golf buggy Australia. A proper golf umbrella should be sturdy enough. An open space like the golf course means much free-flowing wind. Therefore, it should be able to withstand constant gusts. Look for a tried and tested brand specially made for places like the golf course, as these types are typically reinforced to protect from the elements.  

4. Pressure Putt Trainer 

If your primary goal is to improve your golfing stats, a pressure putt trainer could help you optimize your performance. A parabolic ramp and a ball rolled at the right speed and trajectory are required. With this accessory, you’ll avoid dribbling or bolting it in and be able to focus on your pace. In addition, there are three smaller dots that you can use as targets. It can also allow you to adjust to slight breaks in a putt.  

5. GPS Watch 

If you need a powerful gadget, you can invest in a global positioning system (GPS) watch to make navigating the golf course easier. You can find a wide range of GPS watches built to optimize your golfing experience. If you look at its tech features, you’ll be able to see the distances at the front, middle, and back. It will tell you which golf club is appropriate for the green. Furthermore, you’ll be able to avoid dangerous positions because you’ll see the layup distance in the device. You’ll save more time in the game and help boost your confidence.  

However, it would help to look into several factors when shopping for the perfect watch. Determine the features you need and make a list. Look at different brands to discover the ideal fit for your lifestyle, preferences, and budget. 

There are many accessories in the market that you can choose from. Their functionalities range from improving your game and protection from the elements to navigation assistance. Your accessories don’t have to be expensive. However, it is ultimately up to you to make good use of them and make the most of the opportunity to enhance your expertise.  


Golf accessories can help you become more confident on the course. Therefore, invest in the best golf gloves, electric golf buggy, golf umbrella, GPS watch, and pressure putt trainer. Always remember that whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you may benefit from these golf accessories and improve your game.