Conflicts and disappointment are not always a reason for parting. More and more people end relationships as soon as they stop bringing joy. It seems to us that since something went wrong, then we should tie it up as soon as possible. This often happens because we idealize romantic relationships: modern society and culture make us think that there are no problems in true love.

  1. Love

When they talk about love, they mean chemistry, which is a mutual attraction that arises between two people. It breaks into life unexpectedly and appears as if by itself. Imagine that you were scrolling through the hot Russian brides on website and fell in love with a Slavic beauty. It cannot be prevented or drowned out by force. This is not a conscious choice but a manifestation of instinct.

  1. Turning into a couple

You begin to feel a strong connection and feel like a couple. You are comfortable and calm together, even if you no longer have such vivid emotions as before. You grow and develop together and begin to comprehend what a person next to you really needs.

  1. Letdown and alienation

It is during this period that the largest number of partings and divorces occur. Feelings vanished, hopes for a brighter future collapsed. It seems that everything is going wrong in your relationship for some inexplicable reason. You wonder where the person you fell in love with has gone.

The fact is that during the period of falling in love, we consider the partner as if under a magnifying glass. His jokes seem funny, natural sarcasm is perceived as evidence of a sharp mind, and everything connected with him or her is ideal. When the stage of disappointment sets in, we see a different picture: jokes seem primitive, sarcasm turns into arrogance, and any comments out loud begin to annoy.

  1. Work on love

It is significant to comprehend that you can continue to love, even when you stopped perceiving your partner through pink glasses. You will save the situation if you alter your mindset. Work on relationships and you will receive a reward: your feelings will become more mature and stronger.

  1. Love that can alter the world

At the last stage, a whole new level of mutual respect and acceptance appears. You do not hide anything, you know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and love the partner as he is. Our life is a difficult thing in which there are difficult times. To cope with all the challenges alone is possible but difficult. When you build true love and go through inevitable difficulties, the partner becomes the main like-minded person and a strong ally.

Such love changes everything. It allows you to forget old grievances, gives self-confidence and helps to feel your worth and the significance of a person nearby. Do not forget that love is a choice, which is in your hands.