CBD oil is great! Apart from its therapeutic effects, it can simply be taken as a supplement everyday to make you feel good about yourself. Even though there are a lot of CBD oils available in the market there might be a chance that you get your hands on scam products. 

It is important to tell the difference between authentic and fake CBD oil. One reason is that your hard-earned money shouldn’t get cheated like that. 

Secondly, it is because your health might be affected negatively due to consumption of inauthentic CBD products. Thus, make sure that you always buy high quality CBD oil, always!

So, next time you decide to buy CBD oil from a company, you should learn about the following tips to help you judge the quality of CBD oil. 

What is high quality CBD oil?

A high quality CBD oil comprises the right amount of cannabinoids and carries no chemicals or metals. In case you don’t know about CBD and its legality in America, read on. 

Cannabidiol is one of the many compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant.  Now comes the unique part—CBD has a very low concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. If you haven’t heard of THC yet, well, then you should know that it is the compound which is primarily known for creating the ‘high’ in people’s brains. In layman terms, it is the reason behind getting stoned. 

Now come to the legality of consuming CBD oil in America. To put it simply, CBD is no longer a part of the list of ‘controlled substances.’ Starting 2018, CBD has been made legal across all the 50 states in America. The same has been legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill.

High quality CBD oil is basically known for its safety and healing effects.  Such quality does its job well and thus, is recommended for everyone, especially those suffering from health issues. The problem is that there is no medical-grade CBD oil available in the market. It is so because CBD is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yet. This also means that there is no clear dosage of the consumption of CBD oil. 

Thus, it is more important to understand the pros and cons of CBD oil before going ahead with the purchase. 

How to judge high quality CBD oil 

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to put a finger on the authentic product or company. For this reason, there are some indicators that help the buyers in differentiating between the high quality and low quality of CBD oil. Some of them are listed below for your kind perusal. 

  1. The color of CBD oil: Color of CBD oil depends on a lot of factors, such as a carrier oil, extraction and manufacture. It might be difficult to identify the quality of the oil through its color but at first glance, one can tell if it’s authentic or not. Green CBD oil is indicative of high quality. It means that there is a good number of cannabinoids present in the oil. 


  1. The source of CBD oil: There is no denying the fact that the highest quality of CBD is derived from industrial hemp.  CBD can also be sourced from marijuana, however, it is considered to be less safe than the oil derived from the hemp plant. Hemp plants are grown under strict guidelines in America. This means that it doesn’t contain any chemicals, like pesticides and fertilizers.  So, be sure to check the website of the company to look for organic hemp. 


  1. THC content: It is important to check for the THC content before buying CBD oil. If it’s not 0.3% or less, the THC is considered to be illegal in the USA. It is so because THC is responsible for creating the ‘high’ in the brain.  Thus, you must make sure that the THC content remains within the limit of the product you are buying. You can find the content on the label of the bottle. 


  1. Third-party tested: If you are buying CBD oil from a reputed company, then the product must have been third-part lab tested. Good brands do not shy away from getting their products analyzed under the third party, in a laboratory. It is done to be sure that the quality of the oil is high and doesn’t contain any chemicals or unwanted material. In any case, it is absolutely recommended to check for the third-party evaluation of the product. All the good brands post the final report of the tests on their website to remain transparent on the matter. 


  1. Full-spectrum CBD oil:  Even though it is not necessary that whole-plant extract or full-spectrum CBD oil offers better quality over isolates, it is still considered to be more effective on the human body. There aren’t a lot of studies done in the area to prove the same yet people believe that due to its ‘entourage effect,’ the array of cannabinoids and terpenes together have a more powerful effect on the body.  You must always verify full-spectrum CBD oil for third-party before buying it. 
  2. User reviews:  Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to learn about the quality of a product is to go through its reviews on the website of the brand. No one will speak truer words than the buyers of a product. Be thorough in your reading and circle those oils which have the best reviews in terms of quality. However, do not forget to review the product yourself with the help of the above indicators before buying the product. 


Closing thoughts

Consumers of CBD oil must always be extra cautious at the time of purchasing the same. Fortunately, there is a lot of information available for you to learn about the quality of CBD oil and plan your purchase accordingly. The market of CBD oil is growing at the speed of light and new brands are coming up every day. 

Since the competition is only building amongst the brands, chances are the quality of oil will only improve because who would want to be in the bad books of present and potential customers? Nonetheless, it is the duty of the consumer to check the quality of each and every product before heading over to the cart and making the purchase.