Muscle-building supplements don’t take away the need for exercise. They simply enhance your performance during your workouts, so you get better results. You’ll get results without supplements.  However, it will likely take you longer.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular muscle-building supplements available. We’ll go over what’s in them, what they do, and if there are any dangers to them.

Types of Muscle-Building Supplements

Different types of supplements will help you build muscle, either directly or indirectly. Let’s take a closer look at what some of them are.


Most of us know that protein helps build muscles. You may not know how much you need to gain muscle, though. When your goal is to build muscle that changes your appearance, you need to take in more protein than what you’ll typically get through food. 

Various types of protein supplements exist. The most common kinds are soy, whey, and casein. Most protein supplements come in powder form to be mixed with a liquid of your choice or pre-mixed. 

Those trying to gain muscle should take in up to a gram of protein per pound weighed.

Legal Steroids

These aren’t the anabolic steroids that have gotten athletes in trouble in the past. The name “legal steroids” refers to workout supplements consisting of a combination of some of the ingredients mentioned in this article. 

Legal steroids help you gain muscle, stay focused, and stay strong through your exercise sessions. They’re made from various combinations of these and other ingredients. They usually come in powder form that you mix with liquid to drink.


Creatine helps to build muscles but in a less direct way. It provides more strength to your muscles. It acts as fuel for muscles during exercise, thus allowing you to perform better and work out for longer.

Research also shows creatine raises levels of some of the hormones which cause muscle gain. It decreases muscle wasting caused by the breakdown of proteins.

Branch-Chain Amino Acids 

BCAAs, as they’re commonly referred to as, help the body use the protein you take in more effectively. Taking BCAAs before a workout helps open up the blood vessels allowing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscles. BCAAs taken during a workout help with your stamina. Taking them after a workout helps with recovery. 


Beta-alanine is another essential amino acid. It enhances your performance and increases endurance. You will feel less fatigue by taking this supplement. Many people who exercise at high-intensity levels benefit from taking beta-alanine.


It may seem weird to group caffeine in with muscle-building supplements. We do, though, because it’s often an ingredient in combination supplements meant for building muscle. It’s the most common stimulant added to these supplements to boost physical performance. 

Do Muscle-Building Supplements Work?

Most individual muscle-building supplements have been studied, at least to some level, and have been proven effective. The way you use them will determine how effective they are for you. Also, the type of exercise program you participate in makes a difference in what kind of results you’ll get. 

Combination or blended supplements like legal steroids work well, too. In fact, they sometimes work better than individual supplements because the ingredients work off of each other to enhance the effects. Pay close attention to make sure you only buy high-quality legal steroids, though. There are plenty of impostors out there.

What Are the Risks of Taking Muscle-Building Supplements?

The biggest risk is that you end up taking supplements made with low-quality or even dangerous ingredients in them. Nutrition and exercise supplements aren’t well regulated. That means there’s room for impostors to move into the retail space with products made from unsafe ingredients that could cause health issues. 

Users of muscle-building supplements, especially those containing stimulants, could be relying on their supplements too much. They may feel exhausted on days they’re not taking them and increase their intake to feel more energized. Sometimes people stop exercising as much but continue to take their supplements, such as legal steroids. These are bad habits.

If your supplements contain a stimulant like caffeine, there is a risk of developing heart issues if the supplement is layered on top of other sources of caffeine such as coffee or soda. You should be mindful when taking supplements with caffeine in them so you don’t over-stimulate your body.


Muscle-building supplements are good additions to your diet and exercise regimen if taken correctly. Look for supplements to support your personal fitness goals. Check the labels of any legal steroids you’re considering to see what ingredients they have. Look for options with only ingredients that will enhance your workouts to help you get the results you’re looking for. Choose reputable brands so you know the supplements are safe.