The fever of cricket is high on the minds of millions of fans from across the world. The cricket fans love to follow the scores from anywhere and at any time. The technological development and wide availability of the internet have helped in this endeavor. People now have abundant access to smartphones, so apps are easily accessible too. 

Let us have a look at the six best cricket score apps to install on your smartphone so that you never lose track of live matches.

  1. Planet Cricket is one of the most popular live score apps in recent times. The app is available on both Apple and Android platforms. The extensive coverage of games on this app is one of the major positives about this app. Other than live cricket scores, you can also get access to a wide array of cricket news on this app.
  2. Cricbuzz has been around for a considerable period, and they are considered one of the best among the cricket live score apps. The Cricbuzz app is also available on both the platforms of Apple and Android. The features and comprehensive coverage of the game in this app will keep all cricket fans engaged. It gives notifications about live matches, live score updates, and information about the buzz of recent cricket matches.
  3. The official ICC app is one of the best, and it is bound to be. After all, it is the official app of the governing body of cricket. The app is available for both Apple and Android. It has one of the most comprehensive coverages of every single international match around the world. It gives information about fixtures, schedules, news, the latest updates, literally everything about the world of cricket.
  4. ESPNCricinfo is one of those cricket apps that have a rich legacy. The website used to be one of the first on cricket, and it used to be the most comprehensive one for a long time. The website provided live scores, ball-by-ball commentary, news, statistics, and so much more. The website is now an app that provides all that in a compact package.
  5. OneCricket is a crisp and fluid app that gets the job done really well for live scores of worldwide cricket matches. It has all the facilities of a good sports app and provides information on the go. With the OneCricket app installed on your smartphone, you will never lose a moment of an update on cricket wherever you may be. The app provides you with personalized cricket content.
  6. CricSmith is a lightweight yet powerful cricket app that pleases all its users. The app provides real-time score updates and has a very pleasing user interface. The app is among the most loved ones among the newer apps in this segment. The minute-by-minute news update feature about the latest developments and competitions is one of the USPs of this app.

If you are cricket-obsessed but do not have the time to spend watching live matches, you must visit the app store on your smartphone and install one of these apps.