Here is an article about 7 NBA Betting Tips for Beginners Betting Tips to help you get the most out of your investments. These nba basketball betting tips are meant to help you succeed this season and in many seasons to come.

Beginning of the season games are often referred to as “betting poison”, but as the season progresses and you gather more information about team performance, trends can be found and bets can be won. Many winning bettors do not make many early season bets because of the unpredictability.

Follow the tips in this post and you will have a better idea of​​how to build the knowledge you need to create a solid betting system that helps you win your bets during the NBA season.

The NBA is a league run by superstars

Not surprisingly, the NBA is a star-based competition. The biggest names in the NBA are some of the biggest names in the world, although the league is a relative goldfish on the world stage.

Organizations trying to build “super teams” with two or three superstar players. Miami has had some great seasons with James, Wade and Bosh, while currently the Warriors have reunited Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant.

How is the knowledge that the NBA is star-driven useful to a bettors?

Jan 2, 2020; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Bulls guard Denzel Valentine (45) warms up before an NBA game against the Utah Jazz at United Center. Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

To know why this is important, you need to understand how bookmakers set the odds for each game. Bookmakers know that novice bettors focus too much on superstars, so when they set odds, they usually set them against the best teams and players. Because they think NBA fans will bet on them anyway (Hint – Don’t be a fan when you place a bet).

The bookmakers prefer a balanced book of takings on each market / game. To do this they set quotations in a way that will encourage equal bets to both sides of the market. Then, when they think a superstar team or player has a large group of biased bettors, they will move the line against them to encourage bets to be placed on the other side of the market to balance their accounting.

A keen NBA gambler has the opportunity to find value in this situation. The value is rarely on superstar teams or players, but on betting odds that have been set too far against them and profiting from the other side.

Bookies are masters at taking advantage of the average NBA bettors. If not for the professional NBA bettors, bookies would be able to build their mansions even faster than usual.

You must do your pre-game study and be aware of the stars. Find out if they are hurt, how they fare against their next opponent, and anything else that might influence the game.

Understanding that the NBA is a star-driven league can help you find the cracks in the markets.

Team Travel Times

Home teams in the NBA do better than road teams, this is a well-known fact and is practically a given for any sports league.

As with back-to-back games, it is important to understand how much the average improvement is best for a home team and how much the teams do on the road. It is not enough to know that home teams perform better. The most important part of this is how much.

The NBA calendar (82 games per team) creates many different variables that bettors need to recognize. Road teams playing the second back-to-back schedule game are at an even greater disadvantage. But you also need to take into account how much a team has to travel. For example, when Brooklyn travels to New York, it is very different from when Houston travels to Dallas.

Experienced gamblers are able to evaluate a team’s schedule in all respects to predict how these factors can change the expected outcome of games. The only way to do this is to keep track of team performances in all situations. (There are some websites that keep very detailed statistics about these things, like Covers).

You will need to know how Golden State has historically performed in its first home game after a trip and how the Bulls will likely play when traveling to New Orleans rather than traveling east.

There are countless statistics out there to absorb, it’s just a matter of finding the puzzle pieces that help you predict the results consistently. This is what separates NBA winning and losing bankrolls.

Back-to-Back Schedules


Jan 1, 2020; Los Angeles, California, USA; Phoenix Suns forward Kelly Oubre Jr. (3) is fouled by Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard (39) in the first half of the game at Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Playing games on a consecutive schedule is one of the hardest things about teams, particularly very young (concentration) or very old (injury) teams. If you follow the performance of a team’s consecutive schedule, trends will become obvious.

Bookmakers also know this and adjust their line to account for the second night of a team’s back-to-back. The uninformed NBA gambler rarely takes this into account, so to balance the action, the betting lines are often not adjusted enough.

This presents value and profit opportunities for the well-informed bettors.

For example:

You track team performance on a consecutive schedule over time and find that Dallas is a strong team, but plays very poorly on the second consecutive night. In the second consecutive game, you found that Dallas is a favorite by 4 points at home.

The conclusion of the game is that if they were not playing in the second consecutive game, they should win by 4 points. However, because they are in their second game. This means that the value is now placed on the visiting team, which is the weak team.

On the other hand, if you think they should win by 8 points, even though it’s the second night of back-to-back, the value is in Dallas, the home team.

It is important to remember that teams often do not play well on a consecutive schedule. The first night of back-to-back can also be influenced, with the coach’s resting players knowing that they will have to play again the following night. Minute restrictions come into play here, so maybe deduct a point or two on the first night as well.

Once you realize how much the expected drop is for teams in a B2B, you can start buying value-betting lines.

Don’t jump on new trains

A new group of newcomers join the NBA every year and media coverage makes them appear to take the lead in the first year.

It is important that you take these coils with some salt. Rarely does an NBA rookie have the same impact as his performance on ESPN.

NBA winning bettors work with hard facts and statistics, something that zero rookies have entered the league. Bettors are using real and hard earned money and cannot place bets based on hype. Rookies are the drivers behind many of the early season betting markets, so be sure to get sucked into the hype. There may also be some value that deviates from that hype and instead bends to the middle of the road teams from the previous year.

NBA winning bettors work with solid facts and statistics, something newcomers have entered the league. Bettors are using real and hard earned money and cannot place bets based on emotion. Beginners are the drivers behind many of the early-season betting markets, so be sure to be drawn to the excitement.

Match Result

Jan 2, 2020; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton (2) drives to the basket against Charlotte Hornets guard Terry Rozier (3) during the first half at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Bettors generally prefer a match result bet over a total points bet. This does not happen because the match result offers more quotes.

This is something that you must also do. Find a bet type and learn how to consistently identify odds before you start plunging into other NBA bet types.

See how to rate NBA games for match result betting.

First, look for a home team that has more rest than your visiting opponent. A home team resting against a visiting team on a B2B creates a perfect situation for a line that does not meet the expectations of inexperienced NBA punters.

Prices are even better if the home team is the weaker side.

For example:

When the 76ers were in full recondition mode and the Heat had James, Wade, and Bosh, Miami traveled to Philadelphia. Miami was a big favorite, but the 76ers won. If you looked at the game without considering rest and travel, Miami was a big favorite.

A smart gambler would have recognized a dangerous situation for Miami and would compare with the odds offered on the home team, Heat.

This game is in the memory of many gamblers because it was a great time. Everyone ignored the trip and the rest, and decided there was no way the 76ers could be a chance. Everyone lost a lot.

Betting for Total Points

Most sports markets have full lines as an option. In some places, such as Australia, they are also called up / down lines. Totals are a bet on each team’s combined total score above or below the total line of points offered by the bookmaker.

A total line at or above / below the 227 points means that if you overlap, both teams must combine more than 228 points for you to win. If you get under, it must match below 226 points for a winning bet result.

Some teams score higher than others and some have better defensive units than others. But you can’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s easier or requires less work to bet on totals.

Most betting NBA fans have a love of offense. This means that they think their favorite teams will score more points than is realistic.

Bookmakers realize this and know that the league encourages high scores. For professional sports bettors, this can create combinations that value the under. Bookmakers are wise, so they don’t set the lines too far.

If you learn how to evaluate games well, including home and road team scoring and defense skills, you will find totals that offer value. Most of the value will be found at the bottom.

We wrote earlier about the importance of stars in the championship and they have a huge impact on the totals. It’s hard to make predictions about how a team fills the scoring gap when the stars run out, but you can find plenty of opportunities each season to find value if you do the work.

Some teams have enough quality players on their list to fill the gap when a superstar is out while others struggle to score. Your goal is to take advantage of when bookmakers reduce the total too much or not enough enough.

NBA Live Betting

More NBA punters than ever are taking advantage of live betting. Until many online bookmakers began offering it, live sweepstakes bets were only available on an individual basis between a gambler and friends.

Just like betting statistics, you can find a wide range of live betting options. Simple live bets involve totals and which team wins each quarter or half.

The NBA offers some unique opportunities for live betting as well. If you have a lot of NBA games, you’ve probably noticed that often a team extends to a big advantage that makes it look like it’s over.

But, as is often the case, the final score ends much closer than it seemed at the beginning of the game.

When live betting was first offered, many bettors tried to take advantage of it by betting on the team that was losing a big score to win the second half. This, of course, is still offered, but bookmakers are wise to this trend and set their lines down.

While it is exciting to place NBA bets live, make sure that you get closer just like any other bet placed. Exploration value.

Don’t place bets based on emotions or feelings, that’s exactly what bookmakers want. Unless you have researched the analysis and value to place a bet, leave the live bet alone.

The NBA offers more games than most of the world’s sports except MLB and NHL. Because of the large number of games in a season, some daily schedules have more than 12 games. Choose wisely.