Canada is on the rise: According to a survey, travel sales to the destination increased more than 35% in 2018 compared to 2017, and were driven by factors such as lowering the Canadian dollar (up to 30%) against the US dollar, diversity in the offer of tourist, study and work routes and ease of travel payment.

For this year, the incentive for us to visit Canada is even greater. Anyone who has a Canadian visa issued within the last 10 years or who has a valid US visa will be able to enter Canada by applying only for Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), which is intended for tourists and travelers.

Prior to the Canadian electronic visa release process, the traveler was required to apply for a visa at one of the Canadian Visa Application Center (CVAC) units, which usually issued it in up to 15 business days, which is still valid for anyone who has never traveled to Canada or has no US visa.

Whether it’s for work, study or tourism, Canada is more attractive to people from all over the world – find out 7 reasons to travel to the country at the next opportunity:


At a time when countries tighten migration control, Canada is on the opposite route. Beginning next week, anyone holding a Canadian visa issued within the past 10 years or holding a valid US visa will be able to enter the country for exchange, business and tourism only by issuing an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). English for Electronic Travel Authorization). The permit will have a value of seven Canadian dollars – around $ 16, much more affordable than the traditional tourist visa CAD 100 or $ 230.

Canada Day

Throughout the year, Canada is partying. The country celebrates 150 years. The Canadian birthday, known as Canada Day, is celebrated annually on July 1, with music and fireworks across the country. Canada Day is the country’s main national holiday and marks the signing of the 1867 Constitutional Act, which established the country’s formation, the from the British colonies in this region of North America, which correspond to the present territory of the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.


The Canadian dollar has been depreciating sharply over the last few years against other currencies such as the euro, the US dollar and the pound, thereby lowering its buying value.

Courses Abroad

Canada is the leading destination of preference for people from many countries seeking to enhance their curriculum with international experience. With quality education, excellent public services, a friendly culture and a high standard of living, the country also offers excellent choices of affordable language courses.

Cozy country

Historically, Canada has been the result of indigenous, British and French traditions, and for this reason its residents are accustomed to welcoming foreigners and are proud to keep their history preserved, to be known to other cultures. Whether in larger cities like Vancouver and Toronto, or smaller Calgary and Banff, the tourist is well received. And it is wrong to think that language can be a barrier.

North America Europe

Montreal is the most European Canadian city in North America. Canada’s second largest city, just behind Toronto, the city is in the province of Quebec, where the first language is French and, for this reason, the country’s official language mix is ​​constant. Linguistic contrasts are not the only ones. In a simple stroll you can admire charming colonial buildings such as the Notre-Dame Basilica, considered one of the most important symbols of Old Montreal, and relax on the lawns of the Parc du Mont-Royal.

Natural Beauties

Second largest country in the world, Canada offers its visitors a diversity of breathtaking natural beauty. Bathed by two oceans and cut by an immense mountain range, the country also boasts rivers of stunning beauty, modern cities and abundant wildlife. From Vancouver’s green fields such as Stanley Park to the Whitles Mountains, the rugged architecture of the city of Toronto and the Niagara Falls, there is no shortage of incredible scenery and unrivaled natural beauty.

Of course there are still many other reasons to visit Canada but the above 7 should be able to attract anyone to visit the North American country.