Want to go to Canada? There are some things to prepare. The clothes that we must put in the suitcase to travel to Canada, varies according to the area to be visited, so it is advisable to look at the temperatures that we will have during our tour. For example, if we are going to be in Quebec, temperatures are the characteristics of a continental climate, very hot in summer and very cold in winter, unlike Vancouver that enjoys a milder climate, about 5ºC in winter and 23ºC in summer .

Luggage for your vacations

Anyway, we could say that during the summer the days are usually warm, so you should prepare short-sleeved shirts, light clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, but without forgetting a fleece lining for mountainous areas, clothes coat for the nights and a raincoat that transpires well, since it is very likely that you needed it. In winter the thing changes completely, and you should prepare a lot of warm clothes, gloves, hat, underwear and thermal socks, corduroy pants, scarf, hiking boots, sunscreen and sweaters. Keep in mind that cotton clothes will not help anything, so it is necessary to prepare 100% wool or fleece clothes.

Recommended time to travel to Canada

Canada is a perfect country to be visited throughout the year, taking advantage of winter for those who want to enjoy skiing, and in the summer there are many outdoor activities, among which the Alberta Exhibition and Stampede to the that flock of tourists every year. Anyway, it should be said that spring is very nice since there is still snow in the mountains but the temperatures are more pleasant. During the autumn you can admire the forests with the different colors of the leaves that are changing the trees, a spectacle of nature.

Get your Visa

eTA is the result of a new regulation, approved in 2013, which comes into full effect. As of March 15, no one (other than Canadian or US citizens) will be traveling to Canada without one, and this includes travelers previously exempt from visas. Then what do you do? Educate yourself. The eTA is not entirely difficult to apply for, and there is probably plenty of time to get one if you already have a passport. You have to take care of the Canada visa application seriously.

Is it necessary to carry travel insurance in Canada?

The sanitary conditions of the country are quite good, but it is essential to take out travel insurance for our vacations in Canada, and if possible with a fairly high coverage, which covers health care, repatriation or any type of accident, since weighing that the hospital network is public, it is not free for foreigners, and sometimes it can be found collapsed.

First aid kit and precautions

To travel to Canada you do not have to take any special precaution, since there is no mandatory or even recommended vaccine, so it is simply advisable to keep the updated vaccination schedule and a kit with the medications that are commonly used, such as For example, analgesics, antihistamines and even something to help us in case of stomach problems.


In Canada there is an excellent network of highways and roads so, despite the great distances, it will be quite comfortable to travel. It is driven on the right and it is mandatory to carry the low beam lights on day and night throughout the year.


The level of security in Canada is very high, so you can travel quietly throughout the country. Despite this, precautions should always be taken to prevent theft in all major cities in the world, especially in downtown Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa, where there are also some neighborhoods that should be avoided.

Hopefully this brief piece of advice can help you better prepare your Canadian trip.