Canada, the North American country is one of the most booming destinations of the continent in recent years. The beauty of Canada’s famous national parks and charming cities such as Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal have attracted many tourists. At the same time, Canadian cuisine is increasingly well known, making the country a great place to enjoy typical and local Canadian foods.

It is possible that the increase in tourism has to do with the eTA visa for Canada, the easy-to-process travel authorization that allows the interested party to visit the country for a set period of time. Pay attention and don’t neglect your preparations to travel to Canada.

How to organize your trip to Canada

If you have already decided that the North American country is your next destination or that it may be in the near future, you need to be aware of the following practical tips for traveling to Canada:

Apply for the eTA visa to travel to Canada

In order to travel to Canada it is necessary to apply for the eTA visa. It is an electronic authorization or travel permit to visit Canada for a certain period of time. The eTA is, since December 2016, a mandatory requirement for all eligible citizens who want to access the North American country.

This Canada visa application, once approved, has 5 years of validity, in which the visitor may enter Canada for a period not exceeding 6 consecutive months, counting from the day of entry into the country. It is possible to extend the stay but for this you have to request the visa extension at least 30 days before the expiration of the eTA.

Book accommodation in Canada

When looking for accommodation, the best advice is to do it with time. As for the cost of lodging in Canada it will vary depending on the city and the time of the year. In general, the average price of accommodation in a hostel ranges around 30 Canadian dollars. At the same time, the cheapest hotel rooms are from 65 CAD.

Important: the price of accommodation goes up a lot in the main cities, especially in high season.

This will depend on the type of trip you are going to take. Whether it is a short trip or a longer one, you will have to consider the weather conditions during the period of your stay. From there, other factors will enter: that you are going to change hotels, that your accommodation has a place to wash your clothes, etc.

Weather and accommodations are directly related, so consider the weather in the place you’ll be staying in. In Markham, for instance, the best months to travel are from June to September. If you’re staying that long in the city, it’s better to rent out Markham townhomes for better accommodation and easy access to transit and establishments.

The main advice is that you optimize the belongings that you will include in your suitcase and that you do not load with unnecessary packages. Make a calculation of the days and the reasons for your trip and fill your suitcase accordingly.

Better to take out travel insurance for Canada

One of the recommendations for traveling to Canada is to take out travel insurance. It is one of the most important aspects for your visit to the country. Currently, it could be said that it is essential to have travel insurance that covers you during your stay in the North American country. The reason, the high costs of health services in Canada. That is why, you should have travel insurance with the highest coverage, so you can be covered if you suffer an accident or illness during your trip to Canada.

Regarding the sanitary conditions of Canada, it can be said that they are unbeatable, so you should not be worried about receiving health care at any medical center in the country. Finally, Canadian authorities strongly recommend tourists to get a flu shot if they are traveling to Canada in winter.

What is the best time to travel to Canada

It is difficult to define the best time to travel Canada, since it will depend a lot on the needs of the tourist. However, for lovers of winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, etc.) the perfect time to visit the country will be during the winter months when, in addition, it is low season and the accommodations have a lower price.

If what you are looking for is the best possible weather, you should go to Canada during the summer months (June to August), but you should keep in mind that it is high season and that the accommodations will be more expensive than the rest of the months.

But if you had to choose a few months of the year to consider them as the best, they would undoubtedly be: May, September and October. Not being in high season you can find good accommodation offers. At the same time, there are fewer tourists and they are months in which temperatures are not low, so the cold would not be an inconvenience.