There has been a paradigm shift in the world of electronic gaming. The way people play computer games and the way they look at them has been transforming the definition of sports in general. While many still argue that esports can never be considered as real sports, many argue that they do have a lot of similarities. 

Here are some of the reasons that favor the argument ‘video gaming can be considered as sports.’

It takes an understanding of the game

Whether you play the sport on the field or a computer, you cannot win unless you know the game well. There are competitive players from around the world who take part in the game. Like the real sport, you would have to use wise strategies and also make timely decisions to win the game. You cannot do this unless you know the game rules well.

Team spirit is all it takes

There are plenty of online games that are played in teams. Multiplayer gaming is different, but online gaming arenas are something else! There are plenty of online games where you are allowed to pick your teams and form a strong contender in the field. You can analyze the player’s skills and choose the most suitable ones to go on your team. This is very much like the team formation strategies that you might use on a real team-based sport. 

There are tournaments

With sports, you get to play in competitive tournaments and matches. This is where you play with the best teams from around the world. There are competitive scoring strategies and plenty of rewards and recognitions to be won in these tournaments. There are several such similar tournaments available now for popular online games. Many reward the players for participation. Some of them call for real money deposit for participation. The awards are also huge in many cases. This makes them very much similar to the sports tournaments in many ways. 

There is the adrenaline rush

Whether it is an online game or a sport that you play on the field, the thrill you feel doesn’t vary much. You need to be fully alert and focused on the game. Your brain needs to be stimulated throughout the game, and you would feel the adrenaline rush towards the closure of the game. This is another similar factor that video games possess, like sports. All while sitting in a gaming chair and not getting up one moment!

Some institutions field esports

College-based teams are available for sports. This is a known fact. Did you know that some colleges also field esports tournaments? This is highly competitive and no less than the conventional sports tournaments. The recognition that the team gets at the end of the gaming tournaments is very much similar to that in sports events.

Players who take part in gaming also require endurance and the physical stamina that helps them stay focused on the game for hours. Getting better at it takes hours of practice. We could keep listing several more such reasons that strongly suggest that gaming is becoming more like sports these days.