If you have a colleague or loved one bitten by the sports bug, you may be no stranger to the yearly struggle of finding them the right gift for their birthdays and holidays. This task can be more daunting if sports isn’t your thing. Don’t fret, though! We’ve already got the quirky gift for your sports-obsessed loved ones – Bobbleheads! You’ll surely have a great reaction when gifting a Bobblehead! Why not? They are adorable, funny, and can be tailored to any personal interests or events like sports! To help you out, here are some of the reasons why Bobbleheads are the ideal gift for the sports lovers in your life.

Bobbleheads Are Personalized

Personalized gifts have been a trend for the longest time. Initials and names can be incorporated into almost anything like jackets, towels, or shirts to give it a personal touch. While it’s okay to gift any sports lover a shirt of his favorite team with his name on it, it may be not the best original idea ever.

Fortunately, through the help of modern technology, you are longer limited to monogrammed or embossed gifts. You can now give personalized Bobbleheads. These are thoroughly crafted from head-to-toe to resemble their model perfectly. Just provide a photo or two, you can now have a 3D image of your loved one in a breeze. Have it made in his or her favorite team’s iconic gear! Once it’s completed, you will now have a miniature version of that individual – perfectly resembling him while wearing the sports outfit of the team he loves!

Bobbleheads Have A Universal Appeal

Another thing that makes Bobbleheads an excellent gift for sports lovers is that they are universally loved. We have those colleagues of family members who are just hard to please. It’s not that they are being picky or having a hard time to appreciate, but most of the time, they just don’t know what they like. You can get your loved one a shirt or a jacket. However, are you confident that it will match his preference? Would it match his style, or will it just spend its entire life in your friend’s closet? What’s excellent about Bobbleheads is that they’re unavoidably adorable. Anyone would immediately love it and what more if it looks just like him. He would also be sure to laugh or smile as whenever he touches its head, and it would wobble. Each time he sees it in his office or home, he would surely have trouble resisting giving it a tap. Now, that’s something more fun than having embossed apparel!

Bobbleheads Are Customizable

You already know that Bobblehead can be personalized but, let’s go further on how you can make it more unique. Aside from the outfit, you can actually fully customize your loved one’s Bobblehead and change what he’s doing or holding. If your colleague is a fan of the NFL, have his Bobblehead do his favorite stance or add a football as an accessory. If he’s an NBA fanatic, why not him sculpted about to make a dunk or doing a lay-up? If you’re more on the playful side, get him whistling as a referee, or dancing hip-hop while wearing his beloved team’s jersey. He would surely be in stitches and anyone who would see the Bobblehead! Remember that these sculptures are highly-durable, meaning they are meant to last. The memories and laughter would also be there for years to come! Whatever sport your loved one is inclined, there’s a bobblehead to match his interests and or play with it to make it more fun!

Bobbleheads Are Portable

Other excellent features of Bobbleheads making them a unique gift for sports fans are they are lightweight, small, and portable. They can be placed anywhere and won’t eat up much space in a room, or desk. If they like, your colleague or family member can opt to put it in their office or on the dashboard of their vehicles. If their favorite team had a bad game, all they have to do is tap the little Bobblehead. That cute wobbly head of the sculpture is sure to bring a smile and uplift spirits every single time.

Bobbleheads Can Be Collectibles

Gifting a personalized Bobblehead to your sports-obsessed loved one can start up a new hobby. Truth to be told, these Bobbleheads can be a collectible for most people. By giving him one, you can inspire him to make his own collection. It can include Bobbleheads of him wearing different jerseys his favorite team has worn over the years or him doing different sports actions or stances that he loves. If he’d like, he can also have actual Bobbleheads of his favorite NBA team, add his own sculpture to the group and feel like his very much part of the team!

Bobbleheads Are Valuable

You’ll be surprised that Bobbleheads can actually be very valuable. Bobbleheads were even sold from $600 to $900 each for enthusiasts. These sales aren’t credited on sports Bobbleheads alone as there are also a celebrity and political Bobbleheads available in the market. Well, we aren’t saying your friend or family would be selling and making a profit on his personalized sculpture. But, it would surely be satisfying for him to have such a figure to show off to his friends and other sports lovers.

Bobblehead Is Inclusive

Regardless of what sport your friend love, there is always a Bobblehead for him. Whether his into the NBA, the NFL, baseball, volleyball, or swimming, nothing is obscure. Bobblehead is for everyone!

Wrapping Up

You no longer have to spend too much time finding the ideal gift for the sports fanatics in your life. Gift him a personalized Bobblehead and get the best reaction from your loved one!