The Philadelphia 76ers still hope to re-sign Jimmy Butler this offseason.

The 76ers knew they were acquiring a player who can be a little difficult to manage when they traded Robert Covington and Dario Saric to Minnesota for Butler. 

Sources say Butler also spoke out during a film session only after an assistant coach nudged T.J. McConnell to speak about his concerns. 

Butler mentioned McConnell’s role as well as his own.

According to another report, Butler doesn’t appear like he’ll sign with the Sixers. 

Via Sixers Wire

Windhorst asked Shelburne if trading Butler makes sense and if the Sixers can sign Butler long-term.

 Here is what she said:

“If I were guessing my, if I were just predicting…. I would say the most likely thing is that Jimmy does not resign long term in philadelphia.”

Butler is going to be a problem wherever he goes. Big upside, but an even bigger headache.  

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