Progressive jackpots are mind-blowing adventures with everlasting entertainment. If you prefer progressive rewards, you certainly know a lot about them. However, there are many other interesting things about progressive slots which youneed to learn at . Check this review to find more information about these amazing opportunities.

What is Progressive Slot?

Progressive jackpots are famous for interesting facts. Check them out:

  •   Seed values
  •   Random additional jackpots
  •   Jackpots across numerous networks
  •   Multiple currencies
  •   A range of slot options
  •   Max bet mode
  •   Jackpots are won on a regular basis
  •   Cashout limits

Seed values

Progressive slots feature numerous appealing elements. First of all, jackpot slots are connected to seed values. It is the amount of money to which progressive jackpots return when someone hits the prize. Seed values differ from machine to machine with both lower and higher reset values. For instance, Mega Moolah returns to one million once the prize is collected.

Random jackpots

Progressive jackpots offer additional random jackpots for users. Playtech slots are famous for random opportunities so you should keep eye on them. Some of the best jackpots awards can be taken on online casino networks.

Currencies and slot versions

Progressive slots offer multiple currencies for customers. No matter of currency you use, you can win the game. Microgaming software features two slot versions including 3reel and 5 reel slots. We always recommend players to sample both options and find something for their taste. And, you don’t want to miss Fruit Fiesta, Cash Splash or Wow Pot titles.

Max Bet/Cashout

Traditional jackpots used to award customers when they placed max bets. That’s why you need to check slot paytables and reveal potential winnings. Have in mind that slots are won on a daily level. Customers should choose slots which offer more than one progressive jackpot. It will increase your winning odds in the long run.

If you prefer progressive opportunities, make sure to check possible winnings. The max amount of jackpots, as well as withdrawal limits, are placed in terms and conditions. However, if you choose Microgaming progressive jackpots, you will receive winnings in a single cashout.


As you can see, progressive slots are attached to countless possibilities. Check them out and enjoy all features and perks. It can bring more than you have ever imagined.