With everything that’s going on around the world, it is a hard time to be a sportsperson. There aren’t a lot of teams still playing or many active sports. It is especially bad if you have been placing bets and making great wins on sports betting sites like 918kiss.

To kill time and still enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by other fans around a pitch, most of us resort to playing some sports games. There is usually a lot of debate about FIFA, Madden, and NBA 2K.


Jan 25, 2020; Mobile, AL, USA; North tight end Adam Trautman of Dayton (84) runs a reception through South safety Kyle Dugger of Lenoir Rhyne (23) during the 2020 Senior Bowl college football game at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

While there have been a ton of football sports games out there, there are a few that can match the hype of Madden. Electronic Arts (EA) are the genius behind the sports game Madden. It has sold millions of copies as well as generating up to $4 billion in revenue. This is one of the few go-to football simulator games that fans go to when they want to relive the football experience.

Madden has an incredible franchise mode that allows you to play as your favorite player. It gives you the power of a real NFL owner to run a team, make new contracts and concessions, as well as stadium amenities. The franchise mode remains everybody’s favorite, even with all the visual and gameplay improvements.


For basketball fans, nothing beats the incredible gameplay of NBA 2K. The attention to detail and consistency to detail have earned NBA 2K more than 68 million units in sales plus the official eSport basketball game. It is not a surprise that NBA players join the profile and eagerly await reviews in the game. The ratings make NBA 2K more than just a game.

One of the highlights of NBA 2k is the “My Career” mode. It allows players to actively build their players from scrubs to superstars. This mode also features fantastic cinematics with scene cuts that make quite engaging. You will love the new dimension to your career mode.


Mar 15, 2020; Saint Paul, MN, USA; Enock Mohamed of St. Paul juggles a soccer ball on an empty mall at Allianz Field as match between the New York Red Bulls at Minnesota United FC is postponed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Mandatory Credit: Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports

Soccer is one of the few sports that has a special place in people’s hearts around the world. It is not a surprise then that FIFA has become quite a favorite sports game in different parts of the world. FIFA sells millions of units with every release and grosses millions in revenue. 

You might have wondered what it is like to manage a team or grow a player from the ground up. FIFA allows you to do exactly that. The game has undeniably smooth gameplay plus an impressive career mode as a player or manager.


Offline, all the sports games have distinct characteristics that make them incredible. The online gameplay, however, is a whole different ball game altogether. FIFA excels out of the three with online gameplay. When it comes to the career mode, the king is NBA 2K. It is hard to focus on a single-player when playing soccer in basketball.

All factors considered, FIFA is a great sports game franchise with a massive global following.