There is a good reason why football is the most-watched sport in history. The thrill, excitement, and cult-like support for teams has made it possible to enjoy and be part of the game in more ways, aside from being at the stadium in person. It is all or nothing when the National Football League season kicks off, with millions of fans around the world eager to watch their favorite teams play all the way to the finals. 

If you are looking for ways to watch your favorite team in action on Thursday Night Football, or Sunday Night Football, or Monday Night Football, here’s how you can do that without spending a fortune on a subscription.

Watch on your TV

The most straightforward way to watch pre-season and regular-season NFL games is to tune in to any of the five broadcast networks. Fox, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and NFL network bring all the fun and excitement to your living room. These channels broadcast all their matches in Ultra HD and Dolby sound, making the experience almost as glorious as if you were at the stadium yourself. Some regional broadcasters and international ones also broadcast live games to their audiences.

Live sports apps

Another way to watch your favorite team square it out with their opponents is to download live sports apps from Google Play or Apple Store. Several options are available for fans who’re tired of paying the high price on Cable TV. Some of the most popular free apps include Yahoo Sports Mobile, NBC Sports app, FOX, and NBC TV Everywhere apps. Most of these apps have free features that allow users to check scores, standings, watch highlights, and follow their teams. You can get the most out of your app if you have a paid TV subscription. 

Link up with your betting site

The smartest football fanatics out there do not just support their favorite teams. They also strive to make a little bit of money from the games by betting on teams they think will win. If you are one of these smart people, then you can easily follow the live matches you are betting on live from your betting site – on a browser or from an app. The top betting companies, such as SBOBET, offer fans a lot more than opportunities to win big. They also improve a game experience with football match analyses and simple tools to track your teams and games.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video, which is available in 4K, also joins the list of streaming services that broadcast regular NFL games. If you are in the US, your best chance to enjoy a live game is to sign up for Amazon Prime. You’ll get access to all the live games along with all the benefits of the service though you also have the option to download titles. Don’t worry if you cut the cord on costly pay-TV. You can watch Prime Video on your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.