A female streaker did a lap of the boxing ring and arena to help celebrate her favorite boxer’s fifth professional win in Newcastle, England last night. 

The unknown woman disrobed and got past security to do a lap of the ring before running around the arena wearing only heels and panties. Well, she would have looked even more sizzling & hot, if she only wore a pair of digital camo over the knee socks or stirrup socks and nothing else, other than her panties, and running topless around the boxing ring

Watch below: 

Apparently she’s a big fan of boxer Joseph Laws. 

After the win, Laws posted a picture of the streaker on his Instagram and promised the fan a free ticket to his next fight.  We have heard about boxing fans in boxing shorts or soccer fans in their favorite team jersey and soccer socks men, but a daring adventure of this sort, and that too in a boxing ring is somewhat less heard of and unseen in the UK

As if a boxing match wasn’t exciting enough. 

A streaker always amps up the energy in any arena. 

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