If you’re a golfer, then you will have a good idea of what is the best golf driver. And, who doesn’t know what a golf driver is, it’s the longest and largest golf club. You can hit the long ball distances from the tee with a golf driver. I’m here today to talk about the golf driver so that you can make the best choice for you.

What Is The Best Golf Driver: Features To Look For

If you are a male golfer, you’ll find a driver with a shaft of around 43-46 inches. In most of the cases, the head size is 380-460 cc, whereas, I have seen many drivers with a loft between 7-12 degrees. 

You can check the pine meadows golf club to know more details about it. Beginner or pro, in what level currently you are in a good driver will determine your fate in golfing. 

But it is quite challenging to pick the right golf driver since there are all these cheap items available. You need to consider the following factors when choosing a golf driver.


1. Club Head: The club head volume determines the size of your driver. You know well that the club head volume is limited to only 460 cc if you are aware of the golf rule. 


No wonder that these clubs help golfers to cover maximum distance in every hit. I would suggest a lighter driver if you are a beginner golfer so that you can build a high club head speed. However, a more influential player is always comfortable with a heavy driver.


2. Shaft: According to golf rule, you are allowed to use a driver of a maximum of 48 inches. But, I found 43 to 46 inches is the average range for most of the drivers. 


Now, the best choice for you is to have shorter shafts if you need easy control. But, you will benefit from a longer shaft over the reach.


3. Club Loft: Have you ever noticed that when the clubface sits on the ground, an angle creates. The club loft is the measurement of that angle. Now, if you are expecting a higher arcing shot, you need a loft higher than 10 degrees. 


You’ll find many drivers with a loft of 8 to 12 degrees. Unfortunately, you’ll end up resulting in a weak shot by a driver with fewer degrees of loft. 

However, I have seen many experienced golfers make beautiful shots with low loft drivers. But, if you’re a newcomer, for a high loft driver without any doubt.

Final Words

Golf is an excellent game. But, you should be well equipped to become a successful golfer. Although golf clubs differ, I must admit that a golf driver is nowadays famous. 

So, what is the best golf driver for you? I know, selecting the best is very difficult, but you can do it honestly. For example, “Square Strike Wedge” might be a great option if you need the best golf driver. 

In the end, I would admit that this short guide would have helped you to make the right choice.