Are you looking for a bike to have a fun ride? Perhaps you are thinking about a BMX bike or a mountain bike. Both bikes are good in their own way. If you want to choose one of them, you need to consider your needs. So, this article is for you so that you can find your cherished bike so easily.

BMX bike vs mountain bike 

The bicycle companies BMX bikes specifically designed for racing and doing tricks. On the other hand, a mountain bike can be suitable to travel for a long distance which is rough. So, there are some differences in their designs. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Frame


The frame of the BMX bike is not very big. But it is strong and lightweight which can be made from aluminum or carbon. This modification helps the rider to do stunts well.

On the other hand, the frame of a mountain bike is larger than that of a BMX bike. It’s also strong. This feature is perfect for a smooth ride on the rough terrains.


  • Wheels


The diameter of the BMX bike ranges from 20 inches to 24 inches. This helps the rider to change direction quickly and is effective in doing tricks.

Usually, the diameter of the mountain bike is 26 inches. But this range can extend up to 29 inches for which the rider can ride over the rough routes full of rocks, pot-holes, dirt.


  • Gears


The BMX bike has only one gear. Mountain bikes may have up to 24 gears. This large number of gears is needed to travel on the scratchy routes.


  • Brakes


BMX bikes have only rear caliper brakes. On the contrary, two types of brakes can be found in mountain bikes-caliper and disc brakes. They both can be present also. That is useful for handling the bike in different conditions. 

Points to consider before choosing the bike

When you get the idea about how any of these bikes can fulfill your needs, then it becomes easier to select the right one for you. So, consider the following points about these two bikes.

BMX bike 

BMX bikes are greatly admired by the young generation. Its features are also perfect for them.

  • This type of bike is lightweight as well as strong. Its small frame makes it easy to stunt easily.
  • When you are doing tricks with a bike, the bike should be able to take a lot of stress. A BMX bike is durable enough in this case.
  • They’re so simply constructed with fewer components. This modification helps in lessening extra weight and thus decreasing the possibility of fall down during the stunt.
  • The small wheels and knobby tires help to grip the surface of the off-road.
  • The BMX bike has only one gear. Actually, the bikers don’t need to use brakes so much. By pressurizing on the rear wheel, they stop the bike increasing friction in the wheel. 

Mountain bike

Mountain bikes are suitable for riding on the rough terrains. However, it’s popular for its versatility.

  • Its large frame helps the rider to travel smoothly on the rough surface.
  • There are up to 24 gears that help the riding to be easier.
  • The massive diameter of the wheel is helpful in rolling over the rocks and other obstacles.
  • The handlebars are very helpful in controlling the brakes. The rider can hold them at ease.
  • The suspension system at the front or both front and back is a great advantage. When you roll over any obstruction, this system will save you as well as the bike.

Which one will be the perfect bike?

We hope, now you know the features of these two bikes. If you still have confusion, we’re there for you with a little guidance.

You can choose a BMX bike if you-

  • Are young and strong enough
  • Like to do tricks
  • Take part in racing in off-roads 

And the mountain bike is for you if you-

  • Ride on rough terrains
  • Want a bike for versatile needs
  • Want to travel a long distance 

Final thoughts

In this article, we tried to help you in choosing the right bike for you. If you felt any hesitation about choosing one from BMX and mountain bike, this article may be helpful to remove your confusion.

You should consider your needs first. Then match the features of a bike with your needs. If the features are matched with your requirements, then make your decision.