Charles Oakley is never one to bite his tongue.  

During an appearance earlier this week on the “Knicks Fan TV” podcast, in which he said Dolan is “scared” of him, Oakley was asked if he thought Van Gundy would be a good selection as the next Knicks head coach.

“With these guys, a Jeff-type coach?,’’ Oakley said. “If I know Jeff correctly — and I played for him and know how he coached — I think it would be tough to come back and coach young guys. What he believes in for his offense and defense in this day and age, it’s totally different.’’

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Nor would Oakley consider his former teammate and Georgetown coach Patrick Ewing, taking more digs at the Big Fella as a teammate.

Oakley has ripped Ewing in the past for not having his back after he got tossed and arrested at the Garden three years ago.

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