EA Sports hasn’t released a college football video game since “NCAA Football ’14” which came out in 2013.

But even though it’s been seven years, the game is still popular among fans because, well, it’s the last college football video game we have.

One fan created a quarterback named Patrick Flowers, also known as Speedy Flowers.

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This high school dual threat quarterback is in the ESPNU top 150 and is a four-star recruit on 24/7, according to Flowers’ Twitter bio.

The 6-1, 187-pound QB is an athletic marvel, even though he doesn’t really exist.

Flowers received an offer from Northern Illinois in the game, and the man behind the Twitter account decided to have some fun and message NIU’s coach, Thomas Hammock. Hammock responded to Flowers’ DM, but apparently missed the fact that his profile picture looked a little off.

Flip the Page to see his exchange: