Are you and your friends football enthusiasts? Or does your country finally have a chance of winning the Championship? Well, we’re football enthusiasts as well and that’s why we suggest you should organize a viewing party. A viewing party is more than just sitting down with your mates to watch the game. It’s a whole party around it, and even if your country loses, you will still have a fun night with your friends. Interested in how to organize a viewing party? Read the 5 steps below. 

1. Prepare your viewing area

You’re probably going to have multiple excited friends in your living room or somewhere else. Most football fans are very fanatic. So, make sure to shove all your fragile belongings aside. Depending on how many friends you’re going to invite, you need to have enough space for everyone to watch. So, place some standing tables in or around the viewing area so some can stand while others can sit down. 

2. Inform your neighbors

Also, make sure your neighbors are informed about the viewing party. If your country is playing, there’s a big chance that they’re watching as well, especially if it’s the semi-finals or so. However, you being the football enthusiast that you are, combined with some of your loudest friends. It might be a wise idea to enlighten your neighbors about what is going on. 

3. Check your video and audio equipment

I mean, your TV and big speakers always work, why wouldn’t they work now? Well, it always breaks down at the least convenient time. So, we suggest checking your TV, big screen and audio the day before. Do you want to organize your viewing party outside? Renting a big screen or beamer can be an excellent way to knock your friends off their feet.

4. Food and beverage

Make sure you have plenty of food and beverage options for your friends. The tension of the game might get some to eat a lot. Do yourself a favor, spare yourself the time and hassle to cook during the viewing party. Because you don’t want to be in the kitchen when a goal is scored, you’ll never forgive yourself. That’s why you need to prepare beforehand. We suggest making little bites such as finger food, which is easy to serve and hand out. During a football match, you can never go wrong with crisps and some salty nuts. Depending on what time the match starts and the weather, you can also throw a barbecue. A barbecue will put everyone in the mood. But when it comes to the beverage part, if you have beer and wine, you’ll be sorted. 

5. Bet on it

Another fun way to make sure everyone is invested in the match is betting on the final score. Everyone has to write on a piece of paper what they think the end score will be. Who wins gets to choose the forfeit of the one who was furthest off. This could be, dressing up in a Halloween costume (Dutch: Halloween kostuum), Oktoberfest clothes (Dutch: Oktoberfest kleding), or wearing a princess dress during the next match. Or the loser might have to sing “I Will Always Love You” on karaoke. We’ll sure it’ll be very funny.

These are our tips for a viewing party, have fun!