Looks like things between A-Rod and J-Lo are going pretty well. You don’t normally pull this kind of prank unless you feel like your relationship is rock solid. 

The former New York Yankees player enlisted the help of ‘master mentalist’ Lior Suchard for the gag  

ARod Posted: 

Psyche!Thanks to my good friend ‘Master Mentalist’ @liorsuchard for helping us have a little fun with @jlo tonight. #GoodSport

What a great prank, and everyone was in on it. 

J-Lo’s expression was priceless. I’m not sure what she was thinking actually happened, but hey, it’s a prank, and it worked. 

Congrats to A-Rod on pulling a fast one on her. Just remember, J-Lo now needs to get even. 

Can’t wait. 

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