The Super Bowl remains one of the most watched sporting events in the world, with millions of people watching on in the US and abroad every single year.

Whilst this is a standalone spectacle that’s worthy of note, however, it’s also the conclusion of the National Football League (NFL) season that extends over the period of several months.

In this post, we’ll provide something of a rookies’ guide to the NFL, and the climactic Superbowl that crowns an ultimate champion.

What is the NFL?

The 2019 NFL season will be the 54th in history, with a total of 32 teams dreaming of competing in the 2020 Super Bowl finale at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

But what exactly is the NHL? In simple terms, it’s the United States’ premier American Football competition, and one that’s divided into two conferences (each of which includes 16 sides).

There’s the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC), which are then divided further by regions with four teams in each.

During the course of the season, each team players the three other teams in their regional section home and away, whilst the other 10 match-ups that make up their 16-game schedule are predetermined.

How Does Each Game Unfold?

In terms of individual games, each one consists of four, 15-minute quarters (meaning that each match-up last for an hour). Unlike soccer, the clock is paused with every stoppage in play, so there’s no additional time played out at the end of the game.

From a gameplay perspective, teams must travel for a minimum of 10 yard with the ball every time their offence has position. They have four attempts (or ‘plays’) to achieve this objective, otherwise they’ll turn over possession to the opposition.

If they’re successful in running or passing their way downfield to score a touchdown, they’ll earn six points for their efforts. They’ll also have the opportunity to score additional point with an ‘extra point’ kick at goal,or strive for two extra points by trying to score another touchdown two yards from the endzone.

Now, if a team fails to make the endzone, they can instead look to score three points by attempting a field goal, where they look to kick the ball through their opponents’ goalposts.

Is there Anything Else that you Need to Know?

If you want to follow the latest NFL action, we’d recommend that you download a reputable app that can connect you with all of the latest scores.

The ESPN app is particularly viable, as this can be downloaded and paired with a cable television subscription that includes this channel. You can then stream live content through ESPN as it happens, whilst also having the latest scores, events and draft news delivered right to your inbox.

If you enjoy a wager too, you’ll need to identify an app or website that offers you access to the very latest NFL tips and betting promotions.

This can help you to make informed betting decisions, based on your knowledge of the game, the structure of the season and who’s most likely to win the coveted Super Bowl.