Ivy League rivalries have echoed the halls and auditoriums of campuses since the day of each college’s inception. Rivalry toward other schools combined with a profound sense of pride for one’s own school has forever been an element that defines certain colleges and its students; but perhaps no greater display of rivalry exists than that shown on the field. The elite, the educated, and the “others” meet in an arena to play an organized sport and the competition, dignity, and honor towards one’s Alma Mater are at an all-time high.  

When that organized sport happens to be football, the level of rivalry is unparalleled. Students, fans, and players alike are ready and willing to metaphorically bleed school colors at the drop of a hat. Ivy champion Princeton and Ivy runner-up Dartmouth will be doing nothing short of creating history on November 9, 2019, when both teams face off over the pigskin. What stadium gets blessed with teams, players, and a rivalry of this magnitude? 

A Legendary Battlefield 

What could be more fitting than Yankee Stadium? “The Cathedral of Baseball” is no stranger to deep-rooted rivalries and unsurpassed opposition. A nearly $2.3 billion stadium, also known as “The House that Ruth Built,” Yankee Stadium has undergone recent renovations to reveal a renewal and restoration of the historic field. As one of New York City’s most classic and beloved landmarks, every New Yorker is bound to have at least one Yankee Stadium story. For many, the Yankee Stadium represents some of their most pivotal childhood memories. What better place for an Ivy League match between Princeton and Dartmouth to take place?

Avoid the Chaos: Where to Stay  

If you get the chance to make one of your own Yankee stadium memories and catch this game, make sure that you don’t STAY next to the stadium. Just over the bridge, there are a handful of quality hotels in Princeton, NJ. The Carnegie Center is a hip and happening area, offering all the amenities you need, but without getting caught in the hustle and bustle of downtown and student life. 

It’s a small commute from the stadium, but it’s definitely worth it. The Hyatt Regency Princeton was recently renovated, boasting rooms that are huge and immaculate in addition to featuring a glass-enclosed, heated swimming pool. Since you are off the beaten path, you definitely get the most bang for your buck with Hyatt. Plus, they are right next to Route 1 and the Princeton Junction Station, both making it easier to navigate around the area, while still having the authentic experience fans crave. 

Satisfy your Craving

Princeton, NJ, offers its own gems when it comes to eateries and dining options. Jammin’ Crepes is only a nine-minute drive from the Carnegie Center, and offers delectable crêpes, a daily selection of scratch-made seasonal soups and salads as well as a variety of home-baked goods. Do you have a sweet tooth? The “Brownies in a Blanket” is to die for, and 100% worth every calorie. Everything they use is farm fresh, and all-natural, so it’s good for you right? Besides, if you don’t eat dessert for breakfast, are you even on vacation?

The Full Experience 

After you’ve polished off every bite of your “healthy” breakfast, you’ll be full of energy and excitement, and ready to create your own Yankee Stadium story. Before you settle in your seats to watch the game, there are three places you must visit before the monumental Ivy league showdown. 

Be sure to stopover at the Babe Ruth Plaza, Monument Park, and the New York Yankee Stadium itself. This is the only way to get the full effect, to feel the energy and history this place has to offer. This is also the perfect way to learn the story behind the stadium. It’s a MUST SEE if you want the full experience.

The American collegiate sports leagues are our National culmination of what the next generation of athletes has to offer. The Ivy League schools are considered by most to be the “best of the best” and cream of the American crop. There’s no better place to hold this battle of the athletically inclined Brainiac’s than at the Yankee Stadium. You can’t get more “American” than this! 

If you’re looking to create your very own Yankee Stadium Story, watching the Princeton Tigers at Yankee Stadium is the way to do it. Get into the spirit of competition. Cheer loudly. High-five surrounding fans. Above all grab a cold beer and a hot dog. Take in the energy and create your own memories!