Another Jazz fan has been banned by the team stemming from an incident with Thunder star Russell Westbrook.  Last year during the playoffs a fan was caught on video calling Westbrook a boy.

He joins Jazz fan Shane Keisel, who was banned earlier in the week, for an incident with Westbrook that took place on Monday night in Utah.

Via Desert News:

On Friday morning, a source informed the Deseret News that the Jazz have also permanently banned a second fan for degrading and offensive conduct against Westbrook that took place during the 2018 postseason.

“The Jazz aren’t taking these matters lightly,” the source said.

The Jazz certainly aren’t messing around with this kinds of incidents.  I’m all for heckling players.  You should be allowed to yell almost anything you want at players.  

With that said, there are lines that just can’t be crossed and racist comments is one of those lines you can’t cross.

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