The key words of 2020 might be “social distancing.”  Almost everyone is practicing it in one form or another. 

For whatever reason professional athletes don’t seem to be adhering to the coronavirus quarantine recommendations.  Included in those loosely following the social distancing guidelines is Yankees star Aaron Judge.

Judge was seen on two separate occasions snapping pictures with fans in Florida.  From our source:

Aaron Judge was doing Instagram lives two weeks ago discussing the quarantine and how he is taking it so serious and complaining how bored he is in his house in Tampa with nothing to do and these are two pictures of him with fans one from April 8th and the other from April 12th. Doesn’t look like staying home and being stuck inside to me and this certainly doesn’t look like social distancing or that he is taking it serious at all. I haven’t seen any celebrities having pictures this close to people. Most people haven’t been able to stand this close to their families in weeks and he is being completely irresponsible taking pictures this close to fans.

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