Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is in offseason workout mode. He’s training hard at Proactive Sports, which has become a local home for specialized adult fitness training.  

Current Proactive Sports clients include: Aaron Rogers, Karl Anthony-Towns, Von Miller, Colin Kaepernick, Clay Matthews, CJ Spiller, Demarcus Cousins, D’Angelo Russell, Derek Fisher, Nick Swisher, and Tommy Haas.  

We received this post in our tipbox. Check out the Green Bay Packers QB getting in a workout, and posing with another woman. 

I know Rodgers is super famous, but if you’re Danica, and you come across that pic, can you just chalk it up to nothing? Rodgers is definitely keeping one eye out for other ladies. Good to see Aaron and Danica doing their own things, they were inseparable for awhile.