Indianapolis Colts franchise quarterback Andrew Luck may not be the highest paid player in the NFL anymore, but he’s still cashing in as he triggered a $6 million roster bonus last Sunday.  So what is Andrew Luck up to nowadays. 

He’s pretty much gone AWOL, as no one has seen or heard from him in quite some time. Well we got tipped off, he’s in a book club. Yep, that’s right, Luck is part of a book club, and for March Madness, he filled out reading bracket. Pretty uncool of Andrew, but it’s Andrew Luck, so fitting. 

The man with the neck beard is recovering from an injury, with little to zero information about his recovery. The Colts are focusing on getting the 28-year-old back on the field after missing the entire 2017 season as Luck continues to work his way back from shoulder surgery. At least he’s keeping busy reading books. Reading is FUNdamental. 

Andrew Luck sits down with SI’s Peter King for the Colts Town Hall about his rehab and the direction of the team with new Head Coach Frank Reich.