Aaron Rodgers is having a miserable season, perhaps the worst of his career. 

Rodgers is also dealing with a broken thumb,  so yea, not the greatest season so far. To make matters worse for Aaron, he’s also dealing with some issues from his ex-girlfriend. We reported Aaron and Blu called things off a few months ago, at least Aaron did. We received this scoop last month: 

“Aaron unfollowed Blu of Earth over the weekend. Aaron only considered her as a friend but Blu had other intentions. She wanted to be the girlfriend and Aaron wasn’t interested. She has become problematic over the last few weeks creating drama for Aaron. He’s done.” says our source. 

Now it appears the initial breakup didn’t go exactly as planned, as Blu was not about to let Aaron walk away. Apparently she’s been squatting as his Malibu Beach house.  

See the tip below:  

“Aaron Rodgers was set up by his new found cult with a witchy woman, who goes by the Instagram handle Blu of Earth. Aaron allowed her to move into his Malibu beachfront home while he was in Green Bay. As hard as he tried, he was not interested in having a long term relationship with her.  She paraded multiple guests into his home. Aaron knew she isn’t what she pretends to be. Blu created a scene when they broke up and refused to leave his house. Rodgers finally succeeded in removing the unwanted guest. Aaron is finally free and clear of Blu once and for all. “

There’s nothing worse than an unwanted houseguest.

According to our tipster, Aaron is reportedly back on the market as a single man,  and you better believe he’s currently looking for the future Mrs.  Rodgers. 

We’ll keep tabs on Aaron’s love life as we always do, because unfortunately for Packers fans, it’s far more interesting than anything taking place on the field in Green Bay this season.  

Check out more of Rodgers ex girlfriend below: 

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