After Danica Patrick delivered a motivational speech in Fargo, North Dakota, she stuck around and answered a few questions.  Not surprisingly, she was asked several about her boyfriend Aaron Rodgers. 

The people in attendance want to know what the Packers quarterback’s pickup line was.  According to Danica the first time they met was at the bar at the ESPY Awards and he used Dumb & Dumber lines to pick her up.

Via BroBible:

“He was at the bar, puttin’ out the vibe, Dumb and Dumber, you know?” revealed Danica. “And, I remember he was doing movie lines! And, people that love movie lines, LOVE movie lines. So, I think we had a dialogue in movie lines, and I was like, ‘This guy is really funny!’”

Aaron Rodgers questions around the 38 minute mark:

Whatever he did, it worked.  Danica didn’t forget him and the two seem to be in a happy, although very awkward, relationship.  So if you’re looking to catch the eye of a world famous race car driver and you’re the star quarterback of an NFL team, use Dumb & Dumber lines and she’ll never forget you.