Following the Packers 27-24 loss to the Seahawks on Thursday night, quarterback Aaron Rodgers was asked if there was still hope for the season.  At 4-5-1 their season is likely over and Rodgers’ answer, although salty, seems to be accepting of that fact.

“Come on, what kind of question is that?  I don’t even know how to answer that.  What am I supposed to say?  Of course there’s hope.  Of course we believe in each other.  It’s just going to take one galvanizing moment.  Whether that’s a speech or a practice, or something happens in a game, something’s got to get this thing going.
  I thought we had moments tonight and I thought that’s where we were going.  Defense, a lot of injuries.  Offensively, we lost Jimmy, but guys battled, so nobody gave up hope.  We just didn’t play well enough to win.”

Good luck finding that one galvanizing moment.  Who knows, maybe it’s the firing of a certain head coach that Rodgers isn’t a huge fan of.  That will probably get the Packers and their quarterback to play better football.