Former Duke bady boy Grayson Allen is still going strong with girlfriend Morgan Reid. The two were first spotted together back in early October. 

Morgan posted a pic of the two of them, sparking some outrage among her followers. 

Here a few gems below: 

What trait is possibly desirable from this scum

Don’t be trippin’ on him.He’s known to do that

Isn’t that the punk that always trips and makes dirty plays in college and nba?

grayson allen looks like i would’ve bullied him in high school this is bullshit

Careful he doesn’t trip you

This looks trippy

Just when I thought you were the girl of my dreams you do this crap.

Did you fall for him or did he trip you?

What trait is possibly desirable from this scum

It looks like Grayson Allen is universally hated. He just has one of those very punchable faces. 

Morgan, not so much. 

Take a closer look at Morgan below: 

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