“One thing that I haven’t done or will not do is (be) one of those celebs who’s telling you how difficult it is, or stay-in-your-home stuff from a mansion,” Rodgers said on former Packers teammate A.J. Hawk’s podcast. “I just think that kind of falls on deaf ears. What I do know is that my friends who are small-business owners are really hurting. …

“There’s real people hurting, so I’m not going sit here in my privilege and tell people from my ivory tower to do this or do that … I will say, let’s all be smart about what we’re doing and what we’re seeing.

“But man, I know people are hurting and that is way more important to me than some sort of message that I can relate to you. That to me just falls on deaf ears.”

Rodgers and Danica Patrick recently bought a $28 Million Dollar pad together.  

He’ll be ok if he never leaves the house again.  

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