Being a top NFL reporter can be dangerous,  or so Adam Schefter thought. 

During his latest podcast, “The Adam Schefter Podcast,” Schefter recalled a very scary situation when he was in Mexico City for the Chiefs-Chargers game, a game which took place three years ago.

“We’re at the game, we’re at the stadium, and there were people shuttling us back to the hotel,” Schefter said, adding that the people in charge wanted to make sure he was taken to the “right areas” in Mexico City.

“There are some people that walk you there, like ESPN security people, and somehow I lost them,” Schefter recalled. “There were these two guys that said to me ‘Let’s go, we’re going back to your hotel.’ And I’m like, ‘OK, great!’”

Once the ESPN NFL reporter got into the car and it pulled away, though, he began to panic.

“I get in this car, and about two minutes in, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god. What did I just do?’ I just got into the car of strangers, men I don’t know,’” he said. “‘And I don’t know where they’re taking me right now.’ I’m thinking to myself, I can’t believe that I’m in Mexico City, I’ve been warned against this, not going near strangers and I just got kidnapped. I’m texting a couple people that are co-workers, ‘Am I in the right car? Did I go back with the right men to the hotel?’ Am I doing the right thing?’

“And I’m not joking to tell you that I was panicked. My heart was racing. I really thought that I had gotten in the wrong car and I was off to who knows where, and that I had encountered a problem. But, fortunately, it was the right car. I was with the right individuals.”

Schefter went on to say that he’ll leave the transportation decisions to McFarland.

“When I go back there this week, I might be holding Booger McFarland’s hand the entire time until we get into the right car,” he said. “Booger is going to be my babysitter because I trust Booger. Booger has better judgment than me, Booger knows the ropes better than me.

“If you’re listening to this, Booger, I’m going to be holding your hand as we leave that stadium until we get into the right car so I don’t have to go through that particular experience again.”

Hopefully Schefter won’t have anymore scares while trying to do his job. 

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