Velaasa is a company dedicated to helping Olympic athletes better their craft by developing and designing athletic footwear and training gear. Part of their footwear includes throwing shoes designed for Shot Put, Javelin, Discus, or Hammer Throw. These shoes guarantee the best field performance for good material, design, and durability results.

Velaasa has been in the market for a while but has only gotten into the throwing shoe business in recent years. It initially primarily dealt with throw equipment as well as weight-lifting shoes. The idea to go into throwing shoes was unique and revolutionary since it has given rise to new competition.    

Different styles used in throwing ultimately affect the kind of shoe athletes intend to buy. The rotation technique typically involves spinning and then releasing the shot at the end. Gliding is a little different and involves a backward lung followed by a forward jerk and release. Beginners are more likely to use gliding shoes, while more advanced throwers use rotation shoes.

Velaasa footwear, especially the Stones versions, tends to cover all bases regarding throwing techniques. Their Snow Camo and Black throwing shoes are perfect for gliders and rotation throwers. The designs offer increased stability and traction, making them perfect for beginners as well as professionals.

The Velaasa Revolution Shoe

In the first edition of Velaasa athletic footwear, The Velaasa Revolution Shoe was developed and retailed on at $95.00. This relatively flat shoe is designed to prevail in a rocky and concrete setting by allowing easy round movement. Experts have described this shoe as perfect for beginner throwers due to its flexibility and durability, and it is perfect in this case for comparison purposes.  

The Velaasa Stones Shoe

Snow Camo

The company then moved on to a design called The Velaasa Stone Shoe. While the design comes in many versions, a fan favorite is the Snow Camo, which has an attractive color pattern of white and has a different type of curvature from the Velaasa Revolution shoe. The Snow Camo version retails at $129.00.

In 2019, USA’s World Champion Joe Kovacs won the shot-put final in Doha after having tried on this particular design for the first time in the competition. He registered a final effort of 22.91m. Though he had gotten used to the Revolution design, he complimented the curvature in the Stones version and said it felt more comfortable and athletic.

When you put in the speed aspect in competitions such as shot put, the surface area aspect comes into play when comparing the two versions of The Revolution Shoe and The Stones shoe. The Snow Camo is also perfect for rainy conditions when athletes want a shoe with good traction that will prevent slipping and offer optimal control. The shoe allows the competitor to have a nice feel of the ground for stability.

The Velaasa Stones Shoe in Black

Another variation in Velaasa Stone Shoes is the black version. This type is perfect for discus throwers, shot put, and hammer. The shoe officially retails at $129.00 on the company’s official site.

This particular version is mainly for rotation technique throwers and primarily has a very thick and sturdy sole for this purpose. It is also characterized by having a curved back and a slightly flat surface. It also has a nice strap to position your foot in place and guarantee an amazing experience.

The black Stones version also has overlays on its top part to guarantee durability and sturdiness during the performance. As the design advances towards the front, it becomes a bit raised to again secure the foot, which is a unique touch. The company claims to have developed this particular version with feedback from track and field Olympic athletes hence its success.

Velaasa Stones also has throwing shoe versions in red, white, and blue that are currently retailing at $129.00 as a Black Friday, November sale.

Other Velaasa Shoe Designs

Velaasa also has more shoe designs, such as; Velaasa Revolution: Throwing Shoe in Black at $95.00, Velaasa Revolution: Tungsten Line Throwing Shoe retailing at $95.00, and the Velaasa Northern Lights: All Conditions Zero Drop Shoes going for $99.00. 


Velaasa had prided itself in designing the most durable and solid performance shoes for athletes in hammer, shot put, javelin, and discus throw. With reinforced rubber frames, unique curvature, and flexibility, these shoes have proved to be a game changer in a market that other giants have previously dominated. The shoes have been proven to be perfect for entry-level competitors as well as top-tier athletes.