With all the adrenaline flowing sometimes you forget that you’re balling out against children. Check out this dude, who takes this game a little too seriously. I mean, how can dominating against kids make you feel good? Still a pretty sweet poster. 

Watch the guy cut to the lane and blast off. By the way, that rim is nowhere near 10 feet. Which makes this incredibly funny video even better.

Well whatever he did to that helpless child worked, as he was featured on ESPN doing the dunk, and he even posted it on his IG. 

Basically him dunking on that kid ended up being the biggest moment of his basketball life. So I guess it was all worth it. LOL. Check out the post below, what a dunk.  

Always makes me immediately think of the scene in Billy Madison, where Billly unleashes on the kids in a friendly game of dodgeball. 

Adam Sandler must have had one fun day on set chucking balls at little kid’s faces. I mean he really pulled it off. Classic scene. Watch below