Since years sports have been responsible for adding a sense of community among worldwide people. In the case of London, it is not only a place of entertainment but you get to see a lot of like-minded avid travellers. Be it any sporting event in London you get to experience some world-class performers grace the platform and you get to enjoy an eventful time by being part of these events.

If you are planning to visit London, with exploring all the tourist attractions you also get to see many exciting sports events at world-famous venues, from Wembley Stadium to Wimbledon. Whether it is cricket, football, or any other sport, your trip to London will be eventful if you get to book the tickets on one of the many sporting events.

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Countless sporting events take place across the capital every year and sometimes it becomes difficult to keep a tap on all the events. Like the famous Wimbledon championship takes place in the summer months. So, if you are a sports fanatic then London is the right place for you to explore and be a part of any exiting sporting event. Let us rundown on some of London ‘s most important sporting stadiums and explore London like never before.

Lord’s Cricket Stadium

Located in a beautiful part of northwest London, Lord’s stadium is more than 200 years old. It is referred to as the ‘Home of Cricket,’ and has the oldest sporting museum. For a cricket buff, it is one of the first things to see once they land in London so don’t miss to visit this place at any cost.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The most important venue for the 2012 Olympics is a sight to visit. With numerous sports being organized near the on-site like basketball games or swimming leagues at the aquatics centre. One gets to enjoy one or the other sports events and get to explore the real London culture all around. Recently it has been converted into a football stadium and a lot of premier league matches are also held here respectively.

Wembley Stadium

Wembley stadium one of the most iconic places of England’s football team had been opened in 1923 and then again it was rebuilt in the year 2007. With a 90,000-seat facility, this stadium has been famous to organize some of the iconic international games in the history of Football. Never miss visiting this place while you are in London and if you are lucky then you may get to be a part of some exciting sports like rugby or NFL games.

Wimbledon Tennis Courts

Wimbledon venue is the most famous venue that organizes the best tournaments of Tennis sport. Tennis professional players always look forward to being a part of this glorifying event. Situated in southwest London with a capacity of 16,000 seats the tournament is held at this place between the period of mid of June and July month. If you are looking forward to visiting London during these months then don’t forget to book your tickets through a reliable source or platform before months before your visit as it is difficult to grab a single ticket at peak days.


The home of English rugby was formed in 1909 with a capacity of just 20,000 seats which because of its popularity now holds approximately 82,000 seats.  It is the fourth largest stadium in Europe and holds credit to host Rugby World Cup final in 1991 and 2015.

O2 Arena

A Venue that has hosted several different major sporting events, like boxing, ATP and tennis season each year. O2 Arena is located at the far east of London’s business area near to the Thames river. Being at the heart of the city it has been home to numerous finals be it NBA games or gymnastics during the 2012 Olympics.